I shopped at VOWS Bridal in Watertown, Massachusetts as my second stop for dress shopping and the lace of Scottie V2 caught my eye. From the moment I put her on, the detailing of her was something I knew I would regret if I chose to give her up. I was initially torn between Scottie V2 and Ryder Crepe. After excellent advise of our stylist and Assistant Manager, Mandy, I realized I felt my best in Scottie V2. Of the almost two-dozen dresses I tried on in total during wedding dress shopping, I had a hard time finding dresses that fit me. I am petite, but I also have a short waist. Often bridal styles do not fit me correctly because the waist does not hit right and the bust is typically too big for the dress I measure into. Made with Love was the best fit I found out of any dress! And I never would have dreamed feeling as confident as I did in it on our wedding day!