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MWL has stockists all over the globe and we want to give our MWL girls a chance to get to know them better.

This week we heard from the team at Novelle Bridal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The story of Novelle Bridal

Our store owner Angel struggled to not only find a dress that she truly loved when shopping for her own wedding dress, but she also didn’t have a great experience either. So she decided to open Novelle over 10 years ago to ensure that every bride has a comfortable, exciting and personalized shopping experience with more unique gown options. Fast forward to today where we have an amazing family of stylists that live and dream bridal, creating that special “Best Yes Ever” moment with thousands of brides over the years.

What inspired you to go into the bridal industry?

As the store manager I have been with Novelle for about 6 years and I completely fell into this industry! It wasn’t planned and I didn’t have a background in fashion or retail, however it called to me when I walked past the stunning window display of a beautiful tea length gown floating through the air. I instantly fell in love with all things bridal and was enthusiastic about getting to know more about the business and industry and ended up creating so many personal connections with my brides that I knew this was where I was meant to be.

Tell us a bride memory that always brings a smile to your face.

There are so many! I will always remember my first bride who said YES to the dress, however it’s the bridal friendships over the years that really stand out. I have an amazing group of girls who have been each other’s bridesmaids in each of their weddings, and they’ve come to me each time one gets engaged to find their dream gown. It’s always a party when they’re in the store, and it’s been such a pleasure getting to know and having fun with this amazing friend group. They always bring a smile to my face and I can’t believe that I get to do this for my job day in day out.

What gets you most excited to go to work each day?

Knowing that every day is different! I love making personal connections not only with my brides, but with my amazing consultants who are my work family! It’s so amazing to be a part of a strong, female workforce who love each other and have fun every day. They are a great support and incredibly talented at what they do. It’s also pretty fun getting to try on all the new dresses!

“I have never worked in such a harmonious team environment before, and I truly think it translates into our consultations.”

What’s one moment in your career in bridal that you’ll never forget?

The moment I walked into my first New York Bridal Fashion Week runway show. It was truly incredible and I felt like I was in a movie, surrounded by beautiful flowers and gowns everywhere I looked. I started at this boutique as a sales associate and worked my way up as my passion grew more and more for bridal. When I got promoted to Sales & Merchandise Manager which meant I got to select the incredible dresses and designers to bring into the store for our brides, I was so proud of how far I’d come and excited for this next chapter for myself, my staff and my brides!

What’s one piece of advice you give to every bride?

Do not feel obligated to pick a dress to suit your venue, or the idea of how someone thinks you should look as a bride. Every bride is different and we want you to showcase your style and personality without you feeling like you’re playing dress up. Don’t pressure yourself with trends, opinions or fears, just enjoy your time shopping and go with your gut!

If you were choosing a MWL dress for your big day, which one would you pick?

This has changed frequently over the years with each beautiful gown that is created, however currently I am in LOVE with Louie Flowy. It’s the perfect balance of simplicity with fun and drama. The 3D petals, the plunging neckline, the flowing skirt and the POCKETS are absolutely perfect and I love to pair it with the Harlow veil.

What makes your team stand out from the crowd?  Tell us about them!

We love our girls! We’re a small team of women and we each bring our own unique style and personality to the store. Every day feels like you’re just hanging out with your best girl friends, who continue to inspire and build you up every single day. I’ve never worked in such a harmonious team environment before, and I truly think it translates into our consultations. We all have different backgrounds and bridal style, from dramatic princess to laid back boho, but what we have in common is that we love our brides and enjoy every moment of helping them find their dream gown, whatever that may be. We also have a “Meet the Girls” section on our website so you can get to know us before you come in for your appointment.


10553 124st

Edmonton, AB T5N 1R8

780-761-0888 | website | [email protected]

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