We love our stockists!

MWL has stockists all over the globe and we want to give our MWL girls a chance to get to know them better.

We’re kicking off our new blog series hearing from Ramona Southard, Co-Owner at Love and Lace Bridal in Irvine, California, USA…


The story of Love and Lace Bridal.

I opened Love and Lace a little over 7 years ago after working as an attorney for several years and missing that creative part of my personality. I felt like my creativity was being stifled and I realized that it was such an important and vital part of me! My super-supportive and amazing husband encouraged me to take the leap and just go for it. So after months of searching for the perfect creative outlet, we came upon an existing bridal salon for sale and pursued that avenue. Instead of buying that business, we opted to open up our entirely new salon because “how hard can it be”??? Seven years, two locations, thousands of brides later, I still laugh at that sentiment and wish I could tell my old-self, “it will be harder than you thought, but also way more rewarding than you could ever imagine”!

What inspired you to go into the bridal industry?

A desperate need to do something completely different than what I was doing, and wanting to be an entrepreneur (my dad was a small business owner, and you could say it’s in my blood).

Tell us a bride memory that always brings a smile to your face.

We had a bride a couple of years ago that had some significant physical disabilities and was having a very hard time shopping for a gown. She had been to several salons and had been mistreated, not taken seriously and even told that she would never find a gown (due to her disabilities). We had such a wonderful time with her, and we talk about her so often, usually with tears in our eyes. She ended up in a Made With Love gown, that we altered to all her specifications and needs and it was amazing! A true example of how important a good dose of respect, decency and compassion is for all aspects of life!

What gets you most excited to go to work each day?

My team of girls! They are fun, passionate about our brides and gowns and just a good group of humans!

What’s one piece of advice you give to every bride?

Stay true to yourself and you will never regret your decision! It’s your gown and if you love it, everyone else will too!


“Stay true to yourself and you will never regret your decision!”

What’s one moment in your career in bridal that you’ll never forget?

The day we had to hire our first employee, haha! It seemed like we finally were legitimate when we reached that milestone and I cried like a baby signing the New Hire paperwork.

If you were choosing a MWL dress for your big day, which one would you pick?

I would probably do something completely different than the dress I wore at my wedding (satin strapless A-line), and would do any fitted lace gown, just to be completely opposite!

What makes your team stand out from the crowd?  Tell us about them!

Oh man, my girls rock big time! They overwhelmingly weathered the storm of 2020 and all it’s associated ups and downs without batting an eye! They care about Love and Lace with a passion and it shows in everything they do!


3800 Barranaca Parkway. Suite F, Irvine, California 92606 | 949-861-8455 | [email protected] | website

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