Our Favourite 2023 Wedding Trends

We are in awe of all of our beautiful MWL girls getting married this year and we are excited to see what is to come!

At MWL we are constantly on the hunt for our favourite wedding trends, and there has been a lot we are loving this year (thanks TikTok)!

We have created a Pinterest worthy list to guide you through some of our favourite 2023 trends 🤍


Film Photography 

Want to add character to some of your wedding photos? Film photography is the answer, whether it is professional film photos or you pass around a number of disposable cameras, these photos will never disappoint! Film cameras are bound to get some of your favourite and unexpected shots. We strongly recommend our MWL girls look into film photography to help capture their special day.

Fun Heels

Pearls, bows and diamonds are IT! Pair your beautiful MWL dress with a fun heel as the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look.
We are loving Alias Mae, Billini and Tony Bianco for a cute touch.

Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses 

We are in our mix & match era at the MWL HQ! Not only does it look AMAZING, we want all bridesmaids to look and feel comfortable on your special day. Think different colours, different styles or different accessories. Shona Joy, SIR the Label, AJE and Bec & Bridge each have stunning options that are bound to impress.

Garden Venues

Current Obsession: Garden Weddings. Who wouldn’t want be surrounded by beautiful fresh air paired with your favourite people on your special day? Yes please!

Single Variant Bouquets 

We are living for the sweet and simple single variant bouquets; one flower on repeat! You can have the same for you and your bridal party or you can change it up so everyone has a different single variant bouquet. This is a timeless trend that everyone will love and you can you use mixed florals throughout your venue if you feel the need to spice it up.

Soft Glam

Less is more when it comes to bridal makeup in 2023! We are living for the soft glam trend, glowy skin, defused eyes and rosey cheeks… yes please! No harsh lines and blended to perfection we have no doubt our MWL girls will love this trending makeup moment. Natural glam will pair perfectly with your timeless MWL dress!

Now that you’ve seen what we are loving here at MWL, please tag us at @madewithlovebridal in all your wedding photos so we can see what you are loving! or if you need more inspo, follow our Pinterest for more inspiration!