MWL  x  About us

5 and a half years ago, I started MWL.

It was a one (wo)man show at the beginning where I would see brides before my 9-5pm job in my parents bedroom. We have come such a long way and I still pinch myself when I see all our MWL girls around the world wearing my designs. My whole family is now involved and work for MWL – we are a very close family and are very proud to be working together every day.

Craig, (older brother) is our European director. We are opening a MWL London boutique. It was always a distant dream of mine to have a MWL store overseas and thanks to Craig, IT’S HAPPENING.

My Mumma wraps every single wedding dress for our brides. I am sure you have noticed that perfect bow and the love and care she puts into packaging your dress. I now have a team of 60 seamstresses creating every single one of my designs with utter detail and I can proudly say, each dress is made with love.

My twin sister is our manager and looks after the team at the head office on the Gold Coast. She works crazy hours and constantly has a (huge) smile on her face. My Dad is my personal business advisor and accountant and there is not one decision I make without going to him first. He is a kind, honest man and I adore him.

My wonderful husband has supported my dream from day one. When I was drowning in work 4 years ago, I asked him to join me in our company and ride this crazy journey together. He quit his job that day and we have not looked back. He listens to my crazy ideas at 4am, supports me and always has my back. He also manages all (150) stockists worldwide.

My oldest sister Kelly, runs and manages our Sydney & (soon to be Melbourne) store. Kelly always gives it her all in anything she does, and running our Sydney store is no different. She has seen brides at obscenely hours during the week and believe it or not, she still gets tears when a bride has a moment in her dress during her appointment.

Lexi, (childhood best friend) runs and manages our Adelaide store and I am very lucky to be working with my best friend every day. She is a very inspiring working mumma and is honestly superwoman in home and business life.

Not only do I work with my inspiring family, but I also hired the most amazing staff in our warehouse, head office and boutiques. They truly care about every single bride and do (which is my main attribute when hiring. Oh you also have to love dogs lol).

We are a family at MWL and when you buy your wedding dress from us, you are welcomed into my family. We receive countless postcards, letters, emails, photos from our brides worldwide, and I promise we read every single one. We print these out and place them on our MWL wall and look at them every single day. You inspire us. You make us want to push the boundaries with my designs. You make us smile and cry when you tag us in your photos and videos.

You are the reason why I have a smile on my face every single day. So to our brides, thank you. Thank you for trusting us and welcome to my MWL family.


Carla Jenkins

Creative Director & Founder