Jacinda Giveaway Winner Week 4

Every Thursday in July we gave away the ultimate wedding day package, our biggest giveaway ever! 4 brides were lucky enough to win a MWL wedding dress of their choice, a MWL veil and a $250 Petal & Pup voucher. We opened up to brides worldwide, giving everyone an equal opportunity to win the ultimate wedding day package. Up first, our week 4 winner Jacinda!

Your partners name?

My partners name is Aaron Biles.

Where are you located? 

We live on the Gold Coast.

How did you and your partner meet?

We met in an uber 4 and a half years ago. Aaron was my uber driver, he was saving some extra money to be able to go to Europe so had Uber as a side gig – thankfully he was saving for his trip otherwise we wouldn’t have met. It was also my first Uber ever!!

How did you know they were the one?

The night we met in the uber or he ‘picked me up’ we instantly got talking and clicked straight away. We spent endless days and nights together, moving in together was definitely a thought in each others mind and so we did. We became each others best friend, soul mate and rock. We knew that we couldn’t live without each other (Romeo and Juliet moment) and so he put a ring on it.

What are your favourite attributes about your partner?

It is so hard to only pick a couple but he is hilarious and has such an amazing personality. The sweetest and most kind person you will ever meet. Aaron always puts everyone else before himself especially me and our relationship. He is my number one supporter in life.

Who proposed and how did it happen?

Aaron proposed, it was everything I ever wanted. He booked a surprise weekend away for my birthday so I knew nothing about it! He packed the car with some secret essentials that I had no idea about and we started our road trip to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Here he booked a villa in the rainforest and it was so incredible and romantic. At this point I had absolutely no idea, I just thought WOW he is really going all out for my birthday this year. On the Saturday night he set up candles, blankets, fire place, cheese platter and wine of course. He made a MASSIVE photo album of our memories together once I turned over to the last page I look up and he was on 1 knee. As I mentioned it was everything I ever wanted and of course I said YES!

When is your wedding?


Where is your wedding?

Osteria in Casuarina NSW

What are you most looking forward to at your wedding?

Having our family and friends come together and celebrate our wedding. We can’t wait to say I DOAaron said that he can’t wait to see me walking down the aisle.

What was your reaction when you found out you had won our giveaway?

Shocked is one word I would use. I saw it as soon as I got to work in the morning and couldn’t believe it. I had to check that it wasn’t from a fake account. I definitely screamed and cried. I was and still am so happy and so grateful that I was picked for this giveaway,  I couldn’t believe that I had WON. I was looking and buying a second hand wedding dress to save some $$$ but wow I will be forever grateful – so thank you MWL x

How did you hear about MWL?

I heard about MWL through some friends and instagram mostly. When I was browsing at some dress companies based on the Gold Coast MWL was highly recommended. I would definitely recommend MWL to anyone that is looking for a dress for their big day. They are super accomodating and friendly.