Harlie Featured On Magnolia Rouge

By Magnolia Rouge

Not only does Bridal gown designer MADE WITH LOVE BRIDAL create the most incredible gowns for brides, they also produce divine editorial shoots led by designer Carla Jenkins. The shoots showcase the femininity of the designs in a modern, contemporary manner and will have you clambering to wear one of their gowns on your big day. These images by HEART AND COLOUR showcase a couple of their recent designs Harlie and Georgie.

Carla tells us, “Sometimes worlds collide and true magic is made, our Harlie breathes this very magic. From the far land of Israel we sourced her soft and exotic lace. Gracefully combined with new world design, she encapsulates our exquisite signature look. She is modern elegant, sophisticated and carries an air of ancient beauty that your eyes will adore to behold. Her removable belt makes her ever so versatile and she doubles as an old world princess when paired with the tulle skirt.

She is for the new world bride. She embraces culture and beauty and allows her magic to ignite the hearts of all who see her.

Georgie (seen in this shoot with silk chiffon sleeves) is a sleek silhouette of superb class and sophistication. She has no sharp edges, except her edge for beauty, for she is completely smooth. Her french crepe or french lace divinely flows like a glorious river. The way she holds the body and delivers your shape to the world will empower you and whisk you away, igniting passion and romance. Georgie is not for the faint of heart. She is for the bride who wants to be seen and celebrated for all the curves and highlights of the body natural design. Would you dare to bare your heart and soul forever, in the vows of tomorrow?

Georgie is made from french crepe OR luxurious lace, the choice is yours! There is no extra cost, you will either love the simple french crepe or the boho lace! Her low back, invisible zip with buttons, V front back and perfect model fit, will make you feeling like an absolute goddess.”