We sat down with our Creative Director and Designer, Carla to discuss what inspires her and what is next for MWL!

What inspires you most when designing a new dress?

The Made With Love story started when my now husband Josh proposed to me in 2013. I began my own wedding dress search and couldn’t find the perfect one. I started doing my own research into making a custom dress. Almost unintentionally, I completed my first collection, Made With Love, in June 2013. I never expected MWL to be what it is now though. I remember telling my husband that I wanted to be in every state in the USA a few years into business, and he thought I was joking. I don’t know whether I was joking at that point, but it’s a moment that always encouraged me to dream bigger.

I am constantly inspired by the women around me, whether that be my family, friends, team or brides!  Owning a family run business means constantly being surrounded by the women closest to me who offer endless support and are forever a huge source of inspiration.

I am also constantly inspired by the latest trends and I’m always thinking of how we can incorporate them into our designs whilst never losing sight of the special touches that make our designs uniquely Made With Love.

Every one of our designs, posts, photoshoots and collections is created with our MWL Girls in mind, so you could definitely say our current and past brides are the biggest inspiration of all.  Some of our most iconic and favourite designs have originated from feedback and ideas from our brides

Who is the ultimate MWL Girl?

My muse is always my brides. You can spot a MWL girl a mile away. She is the first one to eat the cake and the last one on the dance floor. She knows who she is. She embraces who she is. She chooses a wedding dress that makes her feel sexy, beautiful and most importantly, herself.

What is your favourite MWL dress?

I am truly torn on which dress would be my favourite! One of my closest friends recently got married in Archie, which I had originally designed based off my older sister’s wedding dress, so Archie is very sentimental to me and has become a truly iconic design.

How you incorporate inclusivity into your designs?

I want my designs to compliment all bodies so everyone can be a MWL girl. This has become a huge focus for Made With Love as a brand. I am lucky enough to have a diverse team who all collaborate on new designs. Every member of my team tries on the new design at every stage and provides suggestions and feedback for their comfort and confidence. All our designs are tested in our Australian boutiques before releasing to our stockists and brides worldwide. During this stage, we get feedback from real brides and make changes and improvements to ensure a good and flattering fit. We want our dresses to enhance our brides’ natural beauty.

Where can we find your gowns and what can we expect at an appointment?

Our designs can be found in exclusive MWL boutiques and retailers worldwide. Our MWL boutique appointments are one-on-one, tailored experiences with expert stylists who are dedicated to helping each bride find their perfect dress. Everything we do is done with LOVE, from our personalised emails to the styling appointment, to the follow-up correspondence. This is an old-fashioned approach to service that we pride ourselves in.

What is next for MWL?

I am always working on my next design! We like to release a couple of designs every 2 – 3 months so that our collection stays fresh and current. We are currently working on some new designs that incorporate some of our classic styles and laces but have a modern twist; and some designs that are all new. So, stay tuned!