When choosing your veil for your special day, there are many different things to consider. We’ve put together some of our absolute favourite veil and dress combos for you to scroll through as well as some tips and tricks to finding the perfect veil!

What dress have you picked? 

The best starting point for choosing your veil, is your dress. As a general guide, it is important that your veil does not overpower your dress but compliments it! We want the veil to accentuate your beautiful MWL dress, not take away from its beauty. When choosing your veil, there are many different directions you can go in…  For example, our Belle Veil is perfect for pairing with our flawless ivory French crepe dresses! You could also choose to match your dress with her matching veil, for example, pairing our Elsie Veil with our Elsie dress… dream combo! Another factor when choosing your veil, is the length. Our Molly Veil is a 1m, finger tip length veil which is perfect for dresses with a dramatic train! We also have our other veils which are 2-3m long, falling over the dress and add another stunning element to the look.

What hairstyle are you going to wear on your wedding day?

When choosing your veil for your big day it is important to consider your bridal hairstyle. Are you wearing your hair up or down? Our MWL veils can be paired with any hairstyle! We love the look of a classic soft low bun with a statement veil, such as the Harlow Veil. Our Ruby Veil is also made for brides who have their hair in a soft low ponytail, as you tie the veil around your hair band. Our veils do look incredible with your hair down also! Especially with soft Hollywood curls…

What makes you feel the most comfortable?

Feeling comfortable is the most important thing when completing your bridal look! We want all of our #mwlgirls to feel their most comfortable on their dream day! When choosing your veil and especially your dress, you need to ensure you LOVE it! You need to make sure you are in love with your bridal look!


At Made with Love, we have so many stunning veils to choose from and they pair perfectly with our MWL dresses… x


Belle Veil

Our Belle Veil is made of 2.55m of the softest ivory tulle and features a delicate, scattered waterfall design of 3D florals… Our Belle Veil pairs perfectly with Archie and her ivory French crepe, as the 3D floral detailing finishes just before Archie’s signature cowl back.

Molly Veil

Our Molly Veil is a single layer 1m fingertip length veil made of the softest tulle… Her shorter length is perfect for our dresses with dramatic trains, such as our Harry and Harlow

Elsie Veil 

Our Elsie Veil is a single layer, 2.5m length veil with Elsie lace detailing around the edges… Our Elsie veil is such a dream paired with our Elsie.

Harlow Veil

Our Harlow Veil is a single layer, 3m cathedral length veil with 3D flutters from the gorgeous Harlow lace… Our Harlow Veil is so beautiful against a stunning French crepe, adding a soft petal touch.

Elle Veil 

Our Elle Veil is a single layer, 2.5m length veil with Elsie lace detailing… Our Elle Veil pairs perfectly with our lace dresses such as Elsie or you could pair her with flawless  ivory crepe such as Ryder Crepe.

Rosey Veil

Our Rosey Veil is a single layer, 3m cathedral length veil made from Rosey lace… Her Rosey lace is perfect paired with our Rosey Crepe

Ruby Veil

Our Ruby Veil is a single layer veil made of the softest tulle. She has no comb and ties beautifully around your hair… Our Ruby Veil is perfect for the modern bride who wants that soft low up do.


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