Vicky + Patrick

How did you meet?

Our mutual friends used to play in a band and were playing at a local venue one night. We ended up chatting the whole night.

When did you know they were the one?

At the beginning of our relationship we did a lot of long distance. Patrick lived in Montreal and then in San Francisco for almost three years so it was a lot of back and forth. I knew that once we had made it through that period in our lives and came out stronger than ever, that we could do anything together and that’s when I knew he was the one. I also always secretly knew that he would be the one. When we first met he would call me his ‘Polish Queen’ and I fell for it instantly

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

His motivation- not only does Patrick run his own tech business, but he’s also an avid runner and biker. It inspires me on a daily basis. He is also extremely optimistic which I absolutely love. It completely helps me change my mindset about certain situations and cheers me up when I’m down. Lastly, I love his sense of humour. He makes me laugh constantly (especially when he’s trying to embarrass me in public) and I love that we can be super goofy together.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I fell in love with my dress at The Modern Bride boutique in Guelph. I sought them out as a stockist after gushing over your dresses on instagram. My top three dresses were all the same style, but different materials. The floral material on Stevie was so me and totally captured my heart. I have an obsession with flowers and painting flowers, so I knew that Stevie was the one. The Chani veil & Stevie = pure magic.

Who proposed and how?

We were about 3km into a hike along the Amalfi coast in Italy when we stopped for an ‘Oreo’ break. Patrick ended up getting down on one knee and proposing with stunning views of Positano and the ocean behind us. I had to remember to look where I was going the remaining 7km of the hike since I just wanted to stare at my gorgeous ring the whole time. Oreos are kind of our thing now!

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

Bali, Indonesia and Shanghai, China. It was an adventure from start to finish! One of our favourite memories is staying in a treehouse on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. I’ve never seen a sunrise so beautiful. Although we did almost get attacked by monkeys.



MWL Design:

The Chani veil & Stevie dress


Roseville Estate, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


Taylor Downes


The Girl Floral


Ballet’s Bridal


Blue Nile, Swarovski






Stephanie Tudin

Your MWL stockist:

The Modern Bride, Guelph, Ontario, Canada