Taylor + Bo

How did you meet?

Bo and I met through his brother. His brother and I had mutual friends growing up. I grew up hanging out with his brother and knowing most of his family. I find it funny that we never met when we were younger, but we know that God placed us into each others lives at a certain time for a reason. Bo told his brother he wanted to meet someone who was wife material (haha), but who also shared the same values. His brother told him about me and he decided to reach out. After our first date we both pretty much knew that we were meant to be and feel in love pretty quick.

When did you know they were the one?

We both knew pretty quickly that we loved each other and were the one. I knew within a week that I wanted to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

It’s hard to just pick 3, but I’d say; Strong Will, Honest, Humble, and Kind.

What I love most about Bo is his love for me, even when I am hard to love. He inspires me to be a better person with his kindness and love for others, and he truly shows what it means to be a follower of Christ. God has truly blessed me with a perfect person to spend the rest of my life with. I could go on and on about all the things I love about him, but to put it simply – he is the best.

Who proposed and how? 

Bo proposed to me on valentines day, which is a day before my birthday. He told me we were going out to dinner and picked me up at my parents house. He knew that I would want my family to be involved in such an exciting event. Bo asking me at my parents house was special because that is where we first saw each other and where he picked me up for our first date. Bo made the day very special including my family and picking such a special place to ask. He even cooked me a beautiful dinner to celebrate after all the excitement. Everything about that day was beautiful and so special.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I went to Abigail Bridal in Asbury Park, New Jersey. There was only a few bridal shops near me that carried MWL gowns and I reached out to this specific boutique because they had a trunk show with all these gorgeous MWL gowns. Going in I already had my mind set on the Jordann gown and it was the first dressed I tried on and fell in love.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

My best moment was our first look. I was so excited to see Bo all dressed up and even more excited for him to see me in my gown and dressed up for him. It was such a special moment and something I will always remember.

What were your favourite details?

My favourite details were the simplicity of the wedding. We had a tent wedding on my parents 7 acre property. It had such a whimsical feel with all the beautiful nature and flower around us. My favourite detail on my gown were the crepe button detailing. Such a simple yet beautiful detail.

What advice would you tell other brides?

To relax and not stress about the small things. The day goes by so quick that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy. Just breath and enjoy partying with your spouse and all your loved ones.

Any standout vendors?

My photographer was my all time favourite. Her photos are stunning and she captures the beauty and happiness of that entire day. I will be using Minh to capture many more beautiful milestones in the future.




Private Lucas Estate


Branches Floral Studio By Brandy Hurff


Show Me Your Mumu


Shimmer and Spice (Artist: Penelope)


Minh Cao: du soleil photographie 


Express and Men’s Wearhouse


A.R. Morris Jewelers


Abigail Bridal