Stacey & Charles

How did you meet?

Charles and I first meet in High School where I had a little crush on him. It was at our local rodeo/show though where we had our first interaction when we were paired to go on a ride together and I was so nervous trying not to touch him. A couple of days later I was invited up to Charles for drinks and we were pretty much inseparable from there.

When did you know they were the one?

I kind of just new from the start that Charles was the one, I insistently loved Charles kind nature and I very quickly was captured by his beautiful smile.

What’s your three favorite attributes of your partner?

Absolute caring kind nature, quirky silly moods when no one is around and life of the party with the wildest dance moves!

Who proposed and how?

Charles proposed in Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower during our Europe trip, it was absolutely beautiful. After the proposal we shared a bottle of Champagne and sat and watched the Eiffel Tower lights for the rest of the night. Later on in the trip Charles shared that he had actually been travelling around Europe with the ring in his wallet, even after multiple warnings from our tour guide to be careful of our belongings.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Located in the Hunter Valley, my sister and I flew up to the Gold Coast MWL store. I originally had my eye on both Ella and Georgie, as soon I tried Ella on I knew that was the one. Ella was so comfy and I just loved the lace detail and the Chani veil just completed the whole look.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We road tripped up to Byron Bay for a week-we actually toke our dog ‘Byron’ with us but unfortunately he  was not a fan at all and we had to meet the in-laws half way to take him home.



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