Shelby + Joel

How did you meet?

Long story short, we met out clubbing (in 2016) through our best friends having matched on Tinder previously and then running into each other, Joel and I then hit it off

When did you know they were the one?

Neither of us were looking for a relationship or anything serious when we met so we both knew once we started changing our minds that this was probably something more serious and then one day we’re talking about our future together

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

His passion for things, his kindness and he’s the people person between us

Who proposed and how? 

Joel proposed, in the exact spot, on the nightclub dance floor, where we met. It was our 5-year anniversary and he had organised with the nightclub to have a booth and to play our song when it was time, and he organised all our closest friends to be there too.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

The Gold Coast boutique, it was the first dress I tried that my mum got teary over, it was over our budget but we knew it was the one.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

The whole day was amazing, we had the perfect weather, no hiccups on the day and we were surrounded by all of our favourite people to celebrate our love.

What were your favorite details?

The colour scheme we chose, we had citrus colours, with a mix of match yellow bridesmaids, and beautiful Aussie native bouquets with the citrus colours popping.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Do what you want, it’s your day, it’s not Aunt Bevs wedding, it’s yours. And put the money into the things you care about, for us it was venue, photography and florals. We didn’t worry about a dj or singer cause we can make a banging playlist ourselves and that money went to the things we wanted to focus on instead.

Any Standout vendors? 

Bee’s Blossoms – our florist, absolutely amazing


Huxley Flowy


Figtree Pictures


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