Sarah + David

How did you meet?

We were set up by a mutual friend (my husband’s cousin). He basically set us up because we are both tall (I’m 6ft, David is 6 ft 6)! I was telling him about the terrible dates I had been on and told him I was never dating again. He said, “you should date my cousin, he’s tall.” I said “Um ok is this the only criteria? Didn’t you hear me? I’m never dating again!” He then showed me a pic of David and that was it, I fell completely in love. I said “Omg that is the best looking man I have ever seen.” I then begged John to set us up and made him tell David and get David to add me on facebook haha. We talked non stop for a week then went on our first date. Luckily when we did meet, we absolutely hit it off. We both knew straight away we were meant to be together.

When did you know they were the one?

I think when I saw the pic of him hahaha! Honestly – I have never reacted like that before to a photo of a man! I just knew he was the one.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is extremely loyal, trustworthy and a gentleman through and through. He appears to be hard on the outside but he is so extremely soft on the inside. He would do anything for me and our little dog haha.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I always thought I would get married in the Danni. I had seen her online for months leading up to our engagement. But just before I went dress shopping, Georgie was released. It was so simple, I just fell in love. I tried Danni on first in the shop and she was lovely but just didn’t suit me. When I put Georgie on, I knew she was the one!

Who proposed and how?

David proposed on my birthday at a beautiful dinner.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

I had a very new business at the time of our wedding so unfortunately we couldn’t get enough time off. We went on a mini moon to Noosa. We wanted to relax for a few days and wanted to take our dog haha. We then bought a house so the honeymoon still hasn’t happened!



MWL Design:

Georgie – crepe


Moda restaurant


Alana Mevissen


My very talented sister did them


Heidi Gibson engagement ring


Figtree pictures