Samantha + Brendan

How did you meet?

We met at work and we were a secret office romance for a while but things quickly become serious and we had to come clean to our colleagues and managers. We worked together for 2 years after that but now enjoy the separation of work/ home life.

When did you know they were the one?

Very early on. I’m usually an over-thinker and self-doubter but with him , I just knew.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

His calm, rational and caring nature. He is already the best partner and know he will make an amazing Dad one day.

Who proposed and how?

He proposed on a weekend away at a boathouse on Pittwater. It was so romantic and very us as it was quiet and private and we could enjoy the moment to ourselves away from the rest of the world.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I went to the Sydney boutique , it was my first try on and I fell in love with my dress straight away. I had two try on’s and that was it. I didn’t even go to any other boutiques in the end.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

The best moment was the ceremony, in particular the vows. Honestly, I thought I would hate this part as I don’t like all the attention and public speaking but it was such a special moment. Hearing his beautiful vows and being able to express my love in front of our closest family and friends was something I will cherish forever.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Try to remember what the day actually means, why you are there and what really matters. It’s easy to get bogged down with all the details being perfect but really all that matters is that you , your fiancé and your guests have a memorable and love filled day.

Any standout vendors?

Talm Beach House- the most stunning venue for small weddings
Muse Photography- Teresa is truly amazing
The Wedding Designers- the styling was perfect


Scottie V2


Muse Photography


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