Sam & Connor

How did you meet?

Connor and I met at Summer Field Days, a music festival on the Gold Coast back in January 2008! We had seen each other before and we knew each other’s names but it wasn’t until this day that we actually met each other. We ended up chatting and dancing the night away. We parted from our group of friends and it was literally just us two. We have been inseparable ever since! I was just 18 and Connor 19 when we met 🙂

When did you know they were the one?

Mmmm I can’t really pin point this one. Very early on I knew I didn’t want to be without him and he was the same back. We literally met, had our first date the next day and were “official” the day after that. Connor told me he loved me after 3 days so we were head over heels for each other from the get go. We are a very cruisy couple and always have been so it’s very fun, easy and comfortable to be with each other. He is my best friend so when we had been together for a while and we had not fought once and were always so happy I knew I didn’t ever want to be with anyone else.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Just three??? Ahhh this is hard.

  1. The way he makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY. He literally makes me laugh and smile everyday. If I’m not laughing at his actual jokes I’m laughing at him laughing at his own jokes.
  2. He is very affectionate, which i LOVE. He is so cuddly to me and our two boys.
  3. He is very nice to look at.. I think i have the hottest hubby out!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Once we got engaged we literally started making wedding plans. So naturally i jumped straight on Made With Love Instagram page and was loving the ISLA dress. The my friend tagged me in your new Sienna with Tulle dress and i fell in love instantly. I knew she was the one. ever since i was little i always pictured myself in a dress like that so when i made my appointment to try dresses on i was so nervous and excited to try her on. She was the first dress i tried on and when i walked out my mum and sister both cried and then i did. Love at first sight.

Who proposed and how?

Connor proposed to me.

We went over to Queenstown in March last year (2018), we had been travelling all day and we finally reached our apartment and headed out for dinner. After that we went back to our apartment and turned the fire on and changed into dressing gowns and slippers. As we were sitting in front of the fire having a drink and looking through the tourist booklets Connor said to me “do you love me?” and i said yes of course. He then got up and walked into our room, i just kept looking at the booklets. He then knelt down next to me and said “well do you want to love me forever?” i looked over and he was holding the most gorgeous ring i had ever seen and his face looked so nervous. I was so surprised! I said OMG about 10 times and then said yes and jumped on him haha. It was the most perfect moment and it also set the tone for the rest of our holiday.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We went down to Byron Bay and stayed at Elements of Byron for 4 nights. We have two young boys at home and had already been to Queenstown earlier that year we didnt want to have a big one so going down there was perfect. such an amazing place!! I’ve asked if we can do honeymoon part 2 and go somewhere else haha!



MWL Design:

Sienna Tulle


Kingscliff Bowls Club


Tania Travers


Tweed Banora Flowers

Bridesmaid outfits:

A mix of brands – Two Sisters the Label, Miss Runway, Forever New


Engagement Ring – Michael Hill.

Wedding Bands – Wallace Bishop.

Extra jewelry on me: necklace from my late grandma and bracelet from my mum.


Famous Footwear


Bird and Boy Photography (the absolute dream team)