Rebecca + Matt

How did you meet?

I saw Matt across the room at a friends birthday (who ended up being our MC) and he definitely caught my eye. I was sober driver and didn’t have the courage to introduce myself but got a friend to sort us “accidentally” running into each other on our next night out.  As Matt puts it, he was there for a good time not a long time. After our first initial meeting we bumped into each other on and off for a few years and then five years later we bumped into each other for the final time…

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

  1. He would move heaven and earth for me. 
  2. When he sets his mind on anything, he will do everything in his power to achieve it.
  3. His humour – he can make me laugh even when I am extremely annoyed at him.

When did you know they were the one?

I had been going through a really difficult time in the lead-up to Matt and I dating and a few months into our relationship I sat him down and laid it all out for him and gave him the option to leave. He came closer. From then, I knew he was the one. 

Who proposed and how? 

He did (after many not so subtle hints hahahahah)

We were in Canggu, Bali, and at a beautiful beachside bar and we had spent the day swimming, surfing, snoozing, and drinking and as the afternoon was going on he just rolled over and in classic Matt style asked me “how about it?!”. Little did I know, he had had the ring tied to his board shorts for the 4 days in the lead-up waiting for the perfect time. 

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. Kidding, but not really. I need to pick two.

  1. The exchanging of our vows was by far the best moment for me. We wrote our own vows and they were far from the traditional. We both told a story about our love and why we fell in love with one another. They were so heartfelt and had even the blokiest of blokes crying.
  2. Moments with my Dad. We are extremely close. The moment he saw me for the first time was so special, we hugged for what felt like a lifetime. We drove together to the wedding just the two of us holding hands the entire time. 

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I knew for a VERY long time I always wanted Made With Love but I was set on a lace style as that was my dream from when I was very little. A week before my first fitting the Rosey dress came out and that threw a real spanner in the works as it wasn’t lace but I LOVED it.  I went into Felicity Bridal and tried a few lace MWL + Rosey on and they just didn’t feel right. They then gave me Riley just to see and it was LOVE on first try.  I had never felt more beautiful than I did at that moment.  To top it off, they bought out the Rosey veil and to me, it was complete. 

What advice would you tell other brides? 

Give yourself the day to just you and your wedding. Delegate all the last jobs to other people. It is your day to relax and soak it all up with all those you have selected to be with you. My morning with my bridesmaids was a real highlight and not worrying about a thing was absolute bliss! 

What was one thing you did differently for your wedding?

Our vows. I swear our vows were longer than some peoples’ entire ceremonies but we do not regret them at all. 


Riley Crepe


My Uncle’s farm – so special having it on a family property.


We made the decision to go with artificial flowers and have ZERO regrets – they looked AMAZING and we get to keep my bouquet forever. Aleisha Renee Everlasting Flowers


Natasha Simes @dollhousedo

MUSIC (DJ/band):

Pet Johnson – a friend of a friend and hands down the BEST service! 


Kate Keogh @katekeogh_mua




Blak Bridesmaids – all wearing the “Ivy” dress in Emerald 


Rings were from Michael Hill Jeweller. 

Earrings were from Sophie Store and my pearl bracelet was a gift from Matt on the day from Meadowlark 


Wesley Johnson Photography (


Felicity Bridal, AKL