Racheal + Peter

How did you meet?

Peter and I technically met each other in high school but didn’t have any sort of relationship until we were 20. We re-met in a dingy bar in May of 2013 – everyone would go to this bar in our hometown the first weekend we were all home from University. It was pretty much history from there, we both knew a few months in that this was it and here we are 7 and half years later – two homes, a dog, a cat, and hoping to start a family soon!

What are your three favourite things about your partner?

His positivity, sense of humour, and his soul. He’s just the best person, ever.

I was thinking about when I knew he was the ‘one’. I remember I had moved back to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for my final year in my undergraduate degree, six hours from where Peter lived. We had been dating since about June, only a couple months before I left. One of my roommates asked if I loved him, and I realized I couldn’t say no. It was crazy, it had only been a few months – and I think that was the moment I realized this was it, I was going to marry Peter. Time stood still when I saw him at the alter. I love the pictures of us, me laughing and him crying! We didn’t end up with a great ‘first kiss’ picture because he was so excited to hold me – and the picture of our first ‘hug’ is my absolute favorite – also attached!

Who proposed and how?

He proposed in our first home – he was so nervous he couldn’t even ask me! After we caught our breath, he promptly told me I hadn’t answered, to which I replied he hadn’t managed to ask me to marry him!

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

The entire day. Because of COVID, it was the ‘third’ wedding we planned. So that it happened despite a global pandemic, that we were able to celebrate so much love and happiness in such unfortunate times safely and with all the precautions.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

So I fell in love with Lucy on your instagram in June of 2019 the day she was first released! I knew it had to be my dress. I quickly found where MWL was stocked near me (The Modern Bride in Guelph, Ontario, Canada) and booked an appointment for your trunk show on August 2 2019! I wanted to try it on last and had a blast with my friends and family trying on all different dresses. I cried the second I had Lucy on, and knew she was the one! I bought her that day and she came with the Chani veil.

What surprised you most at or about your wedding?

Surprise – Peter cried so hard as soon as he saw me and for most of the ceremony! We were legally married the day before and laughed through that ceremony, and had our Aunt Carla ‘marry’ us in our actual ceremony. We had talked a few times that we would both likely be too nervous or overwhelmed to cry – or that just I would – it was a great surprise! I’m laughing in all of our ceremony pictures because I can’t believe how much he is crying LOL.

What advice would you tell other brides? 

After planning three separate weddings because of the pandemic and the stress that comes along with it – no matter what, your day will be absolutely perfect. You won’t remember the little details – and save some money where you can! I also did all my own decorating/centrepieces, it was a lot  of work and honestly might be better to hire a decorator.


We were originally to be married on August 22 2020 at Peter’s parents house. We had a large beautiful tent rented and 140 guests invited. In May 2020 we chose to postpone to next August, 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In May we also ended up purchasing our dream home that needs quite a bit of love. As the summer progressed and the COVID numbers improved, we decided to try and get married with a reduced guest list of 100 (all that was allowed outdoors) on October 24 2020 – we didn’t want to wait an entire year and wanted to know where we stood financially before starting on our home renovations. On September 19, they banned all ‘private’ gatherings – we were heartbroken. Our caterer saved the day, and said he would be able to host our wedding with just 50 guests at his bistro. It was difficult, but we were able to do it with our closest family and friends. It was much different than what was originally planned, but we are so, so happy we chose to have a small wedding! It was so intimate and laid back, it was honestly so perfect for us.




Ryan Devlin, Devlin’s Country Bistro, @devlinscountrybistro


Brantford Blooms Florist, @bbflorist


Lauren Thornton, @laurenthorntonmua, Hair: Andrea Osztrovics, @hairbydrea


I wore my Grandma’s pearls that my grandpa had given her before they were married


The White Ribbon (Etsy)


I wanted the girls to wear whatever dresses they were most comfortable in, but most came from a local Canadian company called Park and Fifth Co, @parkandfifthco – I wanted everyone in a different colour and loved how it turned out!


Because of COVID and time restrictions when we rebooked the wedding, we had all the groomsmen come over with their nicest black suit, ensure they matched and viola! We ordered mismatched floral types to match the girls dresses in different colours.


Hayley Sheppard, @goldenheartscollective


The Modern Bride, Guelph, Ontario, Canada