Nicole + Henson

How did you meet?

My husband and I met in nursing school. After meeting him on the first day of our pediatric clinical in an elementary school, I told my friend “I hope the hot guy comes again tomorrow”. And he did! He looked up my name on Facebook and messaged me to go on a date with him. During our first date, I found out he had just recovered from breaking both of his legs! During his recovery he missed his pediatric clinicals and had to make them up a semester later, during my semester. If he hadn’t broke them, we would’ve never met. And no one missed a beat mentioning his broken legs during our wedding speeches!

Who proposed and how?

I proposed to my husband! We were on a road trip through Alaska and found a glacier we wanted to explore. While we were walking on top of the glacier, I had a ring in my pocket, hid champagne in my backpack, and asked him to marry me.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

I absolutely loved taking our wedding photos together. My best friend and her husband were our photographers and they made it so fun. It was cold, windy, and snowed at one point! But we got to sneak away from the chaos and enjoy our first moments together being married. We were able to be ourselves, kiss more than ever, laugh, and have the best memories to look back on forever.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Don’t pick a dress that you just like.. pick a dress you LOVE and feel beautiful! After trying on so many dresses (I swear it was at least a hundred others!), when I found the Elsie from MWL, I knew it was the one. I have never felt so beautiful in my life then in my MWL dress. I am still obsessed with my first try-on picture in the Elsie, I was so happy and in love.




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