Natalie + Rick

How did you meet?

We had seen each other around, we worked in the same shopping center and had mutual friends. Rick added me on Facebook and Instagram one day and liked every single one of my photos, this went on for a week, so I decided to message him and ask if he was going to actually talk to me or just like my photos, to which he responded “I’m happy just liking your photos” – he thought he was pretty funny, until he realized I wasn’t going to reply and finally started a conversation.

When did you know they were the one?

We met when I was 21 and rick was 23 so we were growing up together, after 4 years we decided to take some time apart but it didn’t take long for us to find our way back to each other 8 months later and from then on I think we both knew. 

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Sense of humour, decisiveness & compassion. 

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I started looking for dresses a good 12 months before our wedding because I honestly had no idea what I wanted or what would suit me. I had seen Made with Love on Instagram and just loved the simplicity of the designs but again, not knowing what style I wanted, I thought best to do the ‘try on an entire boutique’ exercise before making an appointment. I was originally leaning towards Stevie in Ivory, but my cousin who came with me to my initial appointment encouraged me to yet again, try on the whole boutique which is when we decided Harper was definitely the one. At the time my mum was quite unwell and couldn’t make it to my initial appointment, but after showing her pictures of Harper online the next day- she was sold. All though she had to see it on, of course. The team at the Adelaide boutique were incredibly understanding and let us come back for a second appointment for mum to give the tick of approval. I sadly lost my mum in August last year. Having her with me when I chose my dress meant the world to me and it was so special on the day to know I was wearing the dress that she picked and she had seen me in it. 

Who proposed and how?

Rick proposed on Friday, October 13th, 2017, at the Mt Lofty house. He had organized to take me away for a delayed birthday weekend as my brother got married the week before on my actual birthday weekend (rude, I know). I had a pretty frustrating day at work and was very keen to just get away from everything. I had no idea where we were even going, but when I got to his parents’ place to meet him he wasn’t even home yet. An hour later when he finally arrived it’s safe to say I wasn’t in a great mood and I could feel his anxiousness the whole way up the freeway. When we got to our room the first thing he said was “there’s no champagne, there was supposed to be champagne!” to which I told him to calm down and I’m pretty sure we can organize some champagne. He scurried down the hall to the front desk and proudly came back with some champagne and very promptly told me to sit down and that he had a surprise for me. Before he could even get the words out, I said yes and we ugly-cried together before ringing our family & friends to share the news.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

Bali, Jimbaran bay. Neither of us had been to Bali before and we hadn’t even been overseas together so it was a really exciting trip for us and most importantly relaxing, after all the craziness of wedding planning. 






MWL Design:



Ayers House Conservatory 


Georgina Neves 


Adelaide Flower House 


Shona Joy 


Rick designed my engagement ring himself and had it made through Saunders Manufacturing in Adelaide, they then helped us to design both of our wedding bands


Rick – custom Alexis George 

Groomsmen – Gibson 


Tony Bianco 


Katherine Schultz Photography