Nanyanadda + Bart

How did you meet?

At his Wine Bar’s Anniversary in June 2020 (Covid Time).
We talked at the event and I noticed that he turned to be Single Dad.
Actually, I’ve known him since 2011 but at that time he was in a previous marriage.
We have done business together many times as he was my Wine Supplier for the weddings that The Wedding Bliss Thailand managed.
(I’m a Destination Wedding Planner and the owner of The Wedding Bliss Thailand)

When did you know they were the one?

After I knew he turned to be single dad and I had a chance to talk and know the real him, not just talking about business.

I fell in love with him because he is a good father for his kids.
My family and friends love him.
When I feel worry, he finds the way to make me feel calm.
He has a warm aura, understanding leadership and good listener.
At my vows, I told him he is like ageing wine in oak barrel; classic and delicious.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 


Who proposed and how? 

The Groom ‘Bart’ proposed me under an olive tree at ColleMassari Winery in Tuscany in June 2022 and this place is our wedding venue in June 2023.
The kids (the groom’s kids / the bride’s step kids) were our photographers when their dad did a proposal.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I love the dress because it’s sweet & sexy.
The dress style fits my body shape perfectly.
I really love the fabric and especially the waist belt.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

I love the moment when I walked down the aisle and we exchanged vows the most.

What were your favorite details?

If for the dress, the fabric and the accurate measurement for my body.
If for the wedding, the guests enjoyed the wedding a lot!

What advice would you tell other brides? 

In case you ordered the dress without the bra, don’t forget to prepare the tape to make your breasts up and fit with the dress shape.

Any stand-out vendors? 

My team, The Wedding Bliss Thailand.
I flew the team from Thailand to help run the wedding.



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