Myah + Ethan

How did you meet?

How we met is a crazy story actually!! My sister and my husbands brother were dating for many years before Ethan and I were properly introduced. After we met I decided I wanted to move to Phoenix, Arizona to be around and work with my sister (we are both cosmetologists) and venture out of my small home town Shelton Washington. Ethan and I decided we would start off as roommates but that didn’t even happen. As soon as I moved he asked me to be his girlfriend. The moment he came to visit me in Washington before I moved we knew we were each others person. From our loving sarcasm and goofy personality’s it was just easy to see forever! Now it is happily ever after and life is so amazing

When did you know they were the one? 

Ethan said it was crucial for him to meet my parents before we took that next step and moved in together! So he flew to Washington right before to meet everyone! I knew that whole trip we were for each other! He is and was the most kind hearted loving man I know. He makes me a better person everyday.
That whole week I caught myself planning life with him. We had also told each other
I love you and had so many deep emotional conversations about life and what we want

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

Of course I love everything but I would have to say my first one is the way he loves not only me but his mom and family. Growing up I was so family oriented. I wanted someone who was the same, and he was exactly that!


My second would be how bad he wants children just as much as me. He is a dad at heart without even being a dad yet. I can’t wait to have little humans that are half of us.

My third would be how selfless and loving he is. He is constantly showing me unconditional love day in and day out. He is everything I always wanted to find in a lifetime partner

Who proposed and how? 

Ethan had taken my to the Phoenician resort here is Phoenix, AZ! It overlooked the beautiful mountains and had the most amazing sunset!
He took me on the balcony and told me he wanted to take some pictures. I had no idea he was going to ask me to be his forever that night. We asked a sweet bartender to take some pictures and after we were done he then asked “can you actually take a video” I looked at him confused then it happened. He got on his knee and asked me to marry him in front of 50 random people. As we walk back inside we got so much love from everyone and free champagne. It was magical and I’m so glad I can go back and look at that video forever!!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I found your guys Instagram page a year before Ethan has asked me to marry him. I found Archie also that year and knew that would be the dress for me. When the time came I researched Archie and where I would be able to find this dress. I called multiple dress shops near me and none had it. I knew I needed to keep looking. I almost ended up ordering from your guys website online and getting it fitted when it came in! I kept looking and had one more place near me to call. I called and decided I wouldn’t even ask I would just go and if they had it then it was meant to be. I showed up November of last year and said I’m looking for a specific dress by made with love. They said they carry some but not all. I proceeded to show her Archie. She looked at me and said “we have Archie”. I cried and jumped up and down I was so excited to finally put this beautiful dress on and show my family and friends the dress of my dreams!
I walked out of the dressing room and everyone started crying! I cried the whole time i had it on. I couldn’t believe what I was dreaming and picturing, was coming true! I then said an easy yes and decided to go with these pearl wings instead of a veil! It put the whole look and vibe together!! I wanted a classy, elegant, but modern look!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

The best moment at the wedding was mine and Ethan’s first look! I had gave him alittle insight before on how I found my dress and how much research and time I put into it so I was so excited for him to see me in it! Also his thoughts on what I would pick were more along the lines of your guys dress poise witch was one of my other options!! The whole night was amazing though! But me being in my dress was definitely a favorite

What were your favourite details?

My favorite details from our wedding was my dress, my flowers, and how everything aligned look and color wise!!
My whole vibe was white black and a pop of emerald green on Ethan’s tie! I wanted it to all be very classic and sleek looking!! I also really loved my pearl earrings, pearl ring, pearl necklace and pearl wings! They all came together so good! I love pearls too!!

What advice would you tell other brides?

I would tell other brides to just breath and remember that everything will happen the way it is suppose to! Especially on the day! I wish I could go back and tell myself not to stress as much because everything went great and it’s such a magical day for every bride!

Any standout vendors?

Our videographer and photographer were AMAZING!!! They did an absolutely incredible job helping me with my timeline and catching mine and Ethan’s love so purely!
Our florist outdid herself! I wanted there so be as much baby’s breath and white roses as possible and she did that exact thing!






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