Marina & Sean

How did you meet?

We have know each other since elementary school but we didn’t become friends until grade 12 in high school. We dated briefly in high school but we broke-up to go to different universities in different cities. Even though we weren’t together we always stayed friends and in 3rd year university we got back together over Christmas break.

When did you know they were the one?

Even though we were so young, I felt like he was the one when we dated in high school. I always had a sense that we would end up together. He was always my best friend, even when we weren’t together.

What’s your three favorite attributes of your partner?

He has the best sense of humour and it was one of the first things that attracted me to him. He is also a very generous and genuine person.

Who proposed and how?

Sean proposed on our road trip along the Oregon Coast at Cannon Beach. We were laying on the beach when he said “I got you something”. I assumed he had brought me a snack but it turned out to be an engagement ring. Even though we had already been together 9 years when he proposed I somehow still could not have been more shocked.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I saw the Georgie dress online and was desperate to find it in Vancouver. It was so difficult to find a simple dress and as soon as I saw the Georgie it seemed to fit my style. I had been to several stores and it seemed impossible to find something that wasn’t really lacy or had beading. I luckily found the dress at Everly Fine Bridal Co. in Vancouver, BC. I loved how simple and timeless the dress was. It was also surprisingly comfortable! My favourite feature was the low back.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We are still trying to plan a honeymoon! My husband is in graduate school so we have to wait until he knows his course schedule to plan details. We are thinking of going to Indonesia.



My childhood backyard in Kelowna, BC, Canada on the lake. It was especially meaningful because my mom just sold our home so we were able to have one last life event there.


Kathryn Ramsey Esthetics


Tangerine Orchid

Bridesmaid outfits:

Park and Fifth


My hair pins are from Tania Maras and my earrings were from BHLDN. My mom gave Sean the diamonds from the ring my father gave to her and together they redesigned it. Sean’s ring is from Cavalier Fine Jewellery.


I was going to wear my mom’s Giuseppe Zanotti shoes but I ended up wearing my cheap Aldo shoes because they were more comfortable. Funnily enough my friend had borrowed those same shoes on her wedding day a few years before hand when her Valentino shoes were too difficult to walk in.