Madeleine + Elliot

How did you meet?

With a swipe right on Tinder.
Our first date was a 3-hour beach walk, and we continued seeing one another every week until Elliot asked me to be his girlfriend on New Years 2017.

When did you know they were the one?

it would be somewhere in between seeing him in a suit for a close friend’s wedding party, travelling the world together and adding 3 cats to our home.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

His kind soul to everyone in the world.
His quirky humour, he lights up every room.
It is cliche but his big brown eyes light up in the sunshine

Who proposed and how? 

Elliot proposed to me on Christmas morning 2019 at sunrise in the very spot where we actually got married, Mount Osmond Look Out. A place we have visited often since we began dating, it is perfect for picnics, star gazing and even hikes.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

The original Rosey, before I was even engaged, I knew I wanted it! She was discontinued, but some select stores still had some final Roseys about. I found out about the last one in Adelaide, and when I arrived another client had just snapped her up…Straight away I explained that there is a new dress, Rosey crepe that has been released. Whilst they did not yet have it in store, I tried on some other ‘crepe dresses and held up the Rosey veil…It was exactly what dreams were made of! I took a scary ‘jump’ and told the lovely assistant to order the rosey crepe, despite 30 minutes earlier the assistant not even knowing about the Rosey crepe. A few months later it was time to finally collect my dress, she fit like a glove, and I was so glad I had taken such a risk and purchased the dress without ever seeing it in person.

I always knew I would wear the Rosey, it was just the crepe and not the OG

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

I cannot just have 1…
Walking down the aisle together was magical, and eating cake straight after our ceremony was a big winner!

We hired a luxurious beach house and chef for our wedding night and shared the intimate weekend with our friends, the food and dancing with our nearest and dearest are some golden and precious memories.

What were your favourite details?

Home-grown flowers dotted all around the ceremony location and in our bouquets.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Honestly, do what makes you and your other half truly happy! It isn’t either of your parents, Nonna’s or siblings’ wedding! It took us a while to figure it out during our planning, but once we found our groove for it, we didn’t look back.
We were booked to have a grand wedding, and about 5-6 months out we built up enough courage, lost a few deposits and decided to have non-traditional ceremony, take our friends away for the weekend to the coast and spend all of the other money on a 6-week long honeymoon! It is the best decision we made…Following our hearts, we didn’t only want a wedding day, we wanted a marriage.

Any standout vendors?

Our photographer Valentina, was with us the whole way from the engagement photo shoot and our 2-year engagement before officially getting married.
The sweet melody our musicians made, singing truly madly deeply as we walked down the aisle together before we got married!




Valentina Perez


Adelaide Bridal Collective