Mackenzie + Coleman

How did you meet?

Me and Coleman actually went to the same high school but we ended up randomly only a ski trip to the French Alps in Chamonix, France where we fell in love. We started dating right when we got back and got married 3 years later. The French alps will always be our favorite spot and we can’t wait to go back as soon as the world (hopefully) goes back to normal. 

How did you know they were the one?

I would say we both knew pretty early on. I had never met someone who I just absolutely loved everything about (the good and the bad) until I met Coleman. We were pretty young when we started dating so we waited until we both graduated college and got jobs in Wilmington, NC before we got married- but I think we would have gotten married on the mountain top in Chamonix if we had the chance. 

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

The first thing I noticed about Coleman was his sense of humor. He had me laughing until I cried constantly. That is still one of my favorite things about him. I also love his sense of adventure. We both love discovering new places and Coleman is up for just about anything I suggest. We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives finding new oceans and new mountains. And lastly, I love his heart. His heart for people, for his family, and for me. He loves everyone in his life so incredibly well and it is felt by many. I am honored to be loved by him. 

Who proposed and how? 

Coleman proposed at Ft. Fisher at sunset. It was supposed to be a shoot for my family for our Christmas card photos, but we got there and it was just us with a picnic set up and champagne poured. It was one of the most magical nights of my life and I will never forget it. (I will include a picture so you can see just how dreamy it was). Afterwards there was a huge surprise party with my closest friends from all over the country to celebrate. 

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

The best moment for me was actually at our rehearsal dinner, where our closest friends and family stood up to give toast to me and Coleman and our marriage. The words spoken over us that night will last a lifetime and I have never felt more surrounded by sweet friends and family. We are so lucky to have such an amazing community in our lives and we went home that night in tears knowing that no matter what came in our lives, we would have each other, and we would have every single person in that room by our sides to walk with us through it. 

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I mentioned this above, but I was on the hunt for something that was just “me”. Different, classic, and bold. It took a little combining but I feel like I pulled off exactly what I was going for and I wish I could wear it every single day. 

What advice would you tell other brides?

Be selfish and do what is best for you and your partner. If you want to elope on a mountain top, do it. If you want a 10 person wedding, do it. If you want a pool party after, do it. This is a day to celebrate love, not please other people. 

What surprised you most at or about your wedding?

We were supposed to have a 250 person wedding. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and local regulations, that 250 person wedding quickly became a 45 person wedding. It turns out this was a blessing in disguise and if I could do it again I would do it the exact same. While I would have loved to celebrate with ALL our friends and family, having just our immediate family and bridal party and our entire wedding guest list made August 29th the most special day I could ask for. These were our people, and I was pleasantly surprised that the day turned out to be even sweeter than I imagined. 

What was the one thing you wish you did differently for your wedding?

I would make it last hours longer (even though we legally couldn’t due to local COVID-19 regulations). I never wanted it to end. 





The Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington, NC


Sean Booth


The Flowering Pot




Custom from Perry’s Emporium


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Katherine George (@georgecreatives)


Coastal Knot in Wilmington NC