Lea & Alex

How did you meet?

At a bar in Clemson, SC, during an annual bar crawl to celebrate graduating seniors

What’s your three favorite attributes of your partner?

Sense of humor. Individuality. Wit.

Who proposed and how?

Alex proposed during the Solar Eclipse in August, 2017. We were in complete totality and hiked to the top of a mountain to view it. Funny thing is, you can never predict the weather in the mountains and a huge storm came in. It was pouring rain and he proposed while we were sitting on logs on the trail trying to decide if we should wait it out or head back to the car. I had gone into the day expecting he was going to propose, but in the moment, it was totally unexpected. Of course, we were on the only mountain in the area that got rain that day. Naturally, a stage 4 hurricane made landfall the weekend of our wedding. Luckily, it changed directions, didn’t even rain for our ceremony, and made for some beautiful photos. Having these unexpected natural occurrences coincide with some of our most memorable days is such a humbling reminder that life is unpredictable, and despite how big we feel on our momentous days, we are still so small in vastness of our universe.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I think I first saw it on Pinterest and Instagram and loved the texture of the lace and the way the negative space captured light, especially in natural settings with lots of greenery

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We are going to New Zealand and Australia next week!



The Vineyards at Betty’s Creek in Sylva, North Carolina




Sweet Stem Flower Bar

Bridesmaid outfits:

Miscellaneous – each bridesmaid picked her own dress from color scheme


Custom engagement ring, wedding bands from Etsy


Karl Lagerfeld




Erin Morrison Photography