Lauren + Liam

How did you meet?

We met whilst on a night out in Newcastle, England, where we were studying for our degrees at two different Universities. Liam would say I put the moves on him first, which I have to admit, I did; I thought he had a slight resemblance to my celebrity crush at the time, Zac Efron. A few wisely chosen chat-up lines (by Liam this time) and numbers were exchanged leading to what Liam would describe as the longest chase of a girl by a boy in history. Fast forward 3 years, many exchanged whatsapp’s and following my visit to Newcastle in Liam’s final year, we could see there was more to our relationship than just friends. Liam travelled to Belfast a month later for my Granny’s birthday, thrown in at the deep end meeting my family, and we’ve been together ever since. We moved to London for 3 three years before settling in our first home in Leeds.

When did you know they were the one?

I always knew there something with Liam and even whilst trying not to let go or let my guard down, playing hard to get for the first few years (I thought it was a joke he was attracted to me), I just couldn’t let go. There was something special there and I knew it. After a hard time at University I moved back home to Belfast for my final year. We stayed in touch and my family adored him, he was thoughtful and charming in the simple ways, sending me a Hotel Chocolat hamper and balloons for my birthday, despite not being in a relationship and him being stranded in Mexico. When I finished Uni I planned a trip to see the girls back in Newcastle and we met up, something just clicked and the next thing we knew he was flying over to meet my family in Belfast the following month. 8 years later, we were getting married in stunningly romantic Italy, our family flying out to see us getting married – best day of our lives!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

He has a heart of gold and is so thoughtful, not just with me but his family and friends, always thinking of others and making sure they are okay. He is ambitious and strong minded, and was my rock through very hard times. And of course, he is handsome, whether in his sweats or dressed up in a suit, he still makes go giddy! We just get each other, we laugh together, cry together (mainly me) and he looks out for me no matter what – he is my best friend through and through! It is difficult to pick just three; he is a man of many wonders that I am glad to be able to call my husband today!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I had seen it whilst we were away travelling. I was scrolling Instagram and seen the then ‘newly launched’ dress from MWL (the Stevie) and fell in love – I knew it was the dress for me so set out to find it. I’d always imagined getting married outside in a romantic, sunny setting – carefree while the sun sets and I feel I got this look with MWL Stevie; its boho touches and romantic, lace, floral look. The nude underlay emphasises the embellished, lace design of Stevie which for me looked stylish but secretive at the same time – just perfect!

Who proposed and how?

We went travelling in 2017 for 11 weeks and it was on an evening in Bali in beautiful Nusa Lembongan Island that Liam proposed. I had been poorly from food poisoning and finally feeling better, we decided to go out and have a nice evening. We got dressed up and went for a romantic meal on a stunning restaurant, right on the beachfront, the Sandy Bay Beach Club. We had a lovely meal and as we were leaving, I nipped to the bathroom and came back to find Liam stood in a cute little courtyard at the entrance to the restaurant. He was stood under a tree that had fairy lights around it. I was about to walk on past when he pulled me back, got down on one knee and said ‘You know I love you don’t you, will you marry me?” I was in complete shock and never thought it would happen whilst away, I jumped into his arms hugging him, forgetting to actually say yes. I of course did!

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

Having got married in Italy we decided to explore more of this beautiful country and have our honeymoon there also. We travelled around for two weeks; Siena, Florence, Porto Venere, Santa Margherita, Lake Como and Milan. Every place was just as pretty as the previous; we fell in love with Bellagio, Lake Como. A sunset boat trip made it so romantic!





MWL Design:



Ceremony and reception in Casa Cornacchi Country House, Tuscany


My sister and friend who are both make-up artists; Nadeen Dunlop and Odessa Turner 


We had two suppliers, Italian real flowers: Stiatti Fiori and then we had artificial flowers from the UK from Emily – Field of Dreams


Willow and Pearl, Dress: Willow Multiway. I picked various shades of pink rather than all the same and the girls styled them in whichever way they felt best in.


A personalised bracelet I got as a gift from Liam on our Wedding Day, swarovski pearl drop dangle earrings from GlamorousBijoux. I also wore a headpiece from Belle Amour Tiara and custom made veil by Helen Martin from Coco And Kate. 


Blazers: Mango, Chinos and Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt


‘Be Mine’ from ASOS.


KV Photography (Ed & Val)

Videographer: Plume Creative (Sarah)

Your MWL stockist:

The best bridal boutique a girl could dream of wedding shopping at – Ivy & White Bridal Boutique, N.Ireland