Lauren + Ben

How did you meet?

I (Lauren) was grabbing lunch at a Thai Restaurant in Minneapolis, MN with a friend when I saw Ben across the patio delivering food to another table.  I turned to my friend and said: “that is the most attractive human being I have ever seen, I HAVE to do something.” So I dug up a pen and old concert ticket from the bottom of my purse and wrote down my name and phone number to pass to him.  But as we ate, I didn’t see him again.  So when the bill came, I gave it to our waiter, who said: “wow, thanks I wanted to ask for your number but we aren’t allowed.” Awkwardly, I admitted it was for the other handsome waiter, the one with the man bun serving in the other section.  he agreed to pass it to him and my friend and I uncomfortably departed. Ben picks up the story from here, where the waiter throws the note his way and says “here this is for you from one of my tables.” Not particularly enjoying this coworker’s company and thinking it a practical joke, he tosses the ticket with my number into the trash.  Later, another coworker comes up to him and says “so, are you gonna call her? She was pretty cute.” Ben asks which table he’s talking about and after realizing, heads to the trash and digs out my number.  The rest is history really; we chatted, he invited me to watch him play guitar at a local coffee shop and that was it.  I never stood a chance.

When did you know they were the one?

Our story is a good one, filled with uncertainty and chances and growth.  I knew that Ben was the one, because we always chose one another.  Especially when it was hard. And that’s so important in marriage.  To above all, choose love.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

Well, that’s impossible.  There’s so many.  As you know from our meet-cute, he is truly the most attractive human I’ve ever met.  I wouldn’t change a hair on his head.  And he’s brilliant.  Just so sharp and witty.  And he loves to travel and adventure and challenge the way we are all living.  I believe in him so much.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I didn’t want to spend a lot on my dress. I wanted to buy something cheap online.  It seems silly; a dress you wear for just one night, to spend that extravagant amount.  It just wasn’t me. I looked online and saw some boho styles that kept striking my fancy and found the brand Made With Love.  I searched local distributes and discovered a&bé bridal shop Minneapolis which just happened to be down the block from my work.  So I called my Mom to meet me to go try on a few styles.  Honestly, I went in for Stevie but fell in love with Carla.

Who proposed and how?

Ben proposed.   After we had broken up actually.  We had been together for 3 years and I wanted to move on with my life.  He was unsure about this huge life step and we ended.  About a week or so later he came back saying he made a mistake and that everything would be different.  I took him back and about a month and a half in, he took me to a winery in Western Wisconsin where we visited for our first anniversary and got down on one knee to propose.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

People can pick just one moment? How?! The whole day was magical.  Everything just sort of floated around me happening and falling into place.  I owe my friends and family absolutely everything because they gave us the best wedding ever.  Our vows were probably the most romantic and memorable moments.  I loved the speeches and dancing with my Dad. Oh and Ben sang.  The whole entire wedding, everything leading up to it, was worth the best day ever!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Don’t worry.  Something will go wrong (our groomsmen almost went tie-less when we couldn’t find them!) but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is your love and commitment and your guests supporting you on this beautiful journey.

What was the one thing you did differently for your wedding?

Our Bridesmaids picked shades of blush and dusty rose for their dresses.  The guys had BHLDN shades of blush ties. It just had to be a long tie but any style or shade they wanted. It was perfect for a casual park wedding! I had a Maid of Honor and Man of Honor, both dear, longtime friends. We had a kissing game where instead of just clinking classes, there were tasks everyone could do to get us to kiss – a great way to keep everyone involved! We did a lot differently and it was unique and authentically us.




MWL Design:



His parent’s venue – Our Ceremony was at Peninsula Point Park, where two rivers meet and the receptions was at his parent’s venue; Heart of the City Music Factory on the Rum River in Anoka Minnesota.


Perfect Music Entertainment – DJ Scott & The Talented Adler Family


Emily Betlach


The sweetest gal named Olga




Revolution Jewelery (Husbands ring), My ring husband won’t tell me where he got it from, says it’s a secret lol


Tattoo base rings and mine is a secret kept by Ben, his was an inexpensive titanium purchase.


H&M Slim Fit in Dark Blue – the guys loved this as it was as cheap as renting and they have a trendy suit that didn’t cost an arm and a leg!


Moore Photography @keegan.moore

Your MWL stockist:

a&be bridal shop in Minneapolis, MN.

Honestly, this dress was more than I wanted to spend – it just didn’t matter to me.  But looking at the photos and my expression and the way Ben looked at me, it’s so apparent that this dress was the one.  I felt so beautiful and like a true bride.  We had the best day of our life without going over the top.  Thank you so much for the beautiful, unique gowns that you create!