Kristen + Jonathan

How did you meet?

I met my now husband, Jon, in college our Freshman year. We had one of our very first classes together, where Jon made a point to sit next to me each day and beg for help on homework and studying for exams! I’ve never seen him in the library so much- turns out it was to spend more time with me! Two years later, after building our friendship and realizing the spark between us, our relationship turned into the truest form of love. Almost seven beautiful years later, we finally said “I do!”

When did you know they were the one? 

When I met Jon’s family for the first time, I knew he was truly “The One.” I felt immediately at home- greeted by two loving and kind parents who accepted me right from the start, and all of his siblings. With both of us growing up as one of five children, there was nothing that felt more “right” than a house full of chaos and love. The way he genuinely cared for and respected his parents and the love that was apparent for his family, I knew he shared the same core values as I did. I knew this man had a heart full of patience, love and affection for his loved ones.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

Jon is the most trustworthy, caring and thoughtful man that I have ever met. He has the biggest heart- his kind and gentle soul is meant for sharing, and I am forever grateful that he chose to share it with me. He is the kind of human who will look out for others before himself- he makes sure that I am comfortable, content and loved in all aspects of life. He keeps me laughing and smiling in this crazy, beautiful life we’ve created. He forever makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

Who proposed and how? 

Jon proposed to me alongside the waterfront in Seaport, Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve lived in the Seaport neighborhood for a few years and spend a lot of time walking our golden retriever, Callaway, by the water. Since this wasn’t out of the ordinary for us, he suggested we talk a walk with our dog on a beautiful September afternoon. We had brunch plans nearby (or so I thought), so I was all dressed and ready for brunch before our walk. Once Jon let our dog off-leash to run around in a quiet, grassy space near the water, he got down on one knee! Once I spotted the photographer in the bushes, I realized what was happening! The funniest part of the proposal was that our dog decided to make a run for it once Jon proposed… he took off down towards the water and Jon had to go chase after him! I was left with the ring, SO much excitement and a huge smile on my face. Once they returned (Callaway did not end up in the water…phew!) we celebrated and shared so many laughs, hugs and kisses. Jon then went on to surprise me with a big engagement celebration with all of our closest family and friends. It was the most perfect day and more than I could have ever dreamed of.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I went wedding dress shopping with my mother, sister and aunt at Vows in Watertown, Massachusetts. I specifically knew I wanted to go here, because they carried the MWL dress line- and I had my eye on a handful of these gorgeous gowns. The Elsie fitted dress was the first wedding dress I tried on. My family members present in that moment all cried within seconds. The dress just felt like it was made for me. Since I didn’t want to jinx buying the first dress I tried on, I went ahead and tried on about 8 or 9 other gowns. I finished out the session by putting Elsie back on. And this time, I added the tulle bows and Holly veil. You guessed it… instant tears for me! She was THE dress. Not only did I admire the Elsie dress herself, but the tulle bows and Holly veil turned my bridal vision into a true reality. The elegance of the dress topped off with the bows was exactly the look I was going for. The organic, whimsical floral lace detailing, along with the flattering silhouette captivated my attention. I felt like a beautiful, unique, and elegant bride. I knew this was the dress I would walk down the aisle in. She was perfect.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

Our “first look” was the best moment for me, or should I say for the both of us. The love (and relief!!) I felt when I saw Jon for the first time before our wedding ceremony was unmatched. Jon’s reaction to seeing me in my wedding dress was priceless. Instant tears for the both of us. After twirling me around in my dress and taking in every detail, we embraced in the tightest hug, one that we both needed to calm the nerves. After that moment, we shared our personal vows to each other with just us two. I’m so glad we chose to write personal vows to one another, as this really brought out the raw, beautiful emotions we were both feeling in that moment. Our photographer and videographer captured all of this in its entirety, and these photos are some of my absolute favorites.

What were your favourite details?

This might be an interesting and unique response, but my favorite detail was including my golden retriever dog, Callaway, in our wedding day. We ordered him a custom-made tuxedo to wear, and boy did he steal the show! He walked down the aisle with a Go-Pro on his back to capture his point-of-view. He was the best boy and sat up with the groomsmen during our ceremony. At the ceremony, we had beverages offered as a “Sip and Be Seated” detail. To include our dog of course, we also had “Callaway’s Drink of Choice: Water” offered at the ceremony- it was a hit!! We also had custom made cocktail napkins with our a sketch of our dog on them. 🙂

What advice would you tell other brides?

Take a deep breath… MANY deep breaths throughout the planning process. Everything will fall into place just as it is meant to be. The anticipation for the most special day of your life is a feeling unlike any other. But it will absolutely fly by in a blink of an eye!!! Soak up EVERY single moment. Take those five extra minutes at your sweetheart table with your new husband to admire each other and the beautiful night you’ve planned together. Embrace each other when the chance arises throughout the night. Live in the moment. Know that every single person at your wedding is there because they love and support you and your partner. And lastly, be yourself!!! You are the bride- all eyes are on you, beautiful!!

Any standout vendors?

My photographer, Hannah Pinto (@hannahpintophoto), went absolutely above and beyond as she captured our wedding day perfectly. We will forever have these beautiful photos to cherish and relive our special day over and over again. Our DJ, Spinner Music Productions (@spinnermusic) absolutely outdid themselves. Our guests were blown away by their ability to hype up the crowd with music that kept everyone on the dance floor ALL night long- truly a standout vendor.




Hannah Pinto Photography (@hannahpintophoto)


“Vows” located in Watertown, Massachusetts (@vows_bridepower)