Kristen + Brett

How did you meet?

We are high school sweethearts, falling in love when we were only 15 & 16 years old. From flirting in the high school hallways, to now chasing our new little fur baby down our own.

When did you know they were the one?

Immediately. Brett was everything I ever could have imagined for a boyfriend, fiancé and husband. He consistently showed me kindness, respect, and unconditional love. I never would have guessed to have found my soulmate and husband when I was only 15 years old, falling more in love every day.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

His ability to always make me laugh, his unconditional love, and his way of never taking life too seriously. I hope our future children get these qualities!

Who proposed and how?

Brett proposed in our home town River Valley, surrounded by beautiful fall leaves and crisp air. Brett wanted to plan a date day, starting with fall photos and ending with a romantic dinner. I was so in, of course! Little did I know, he had a whole agenda of his own, including both of our families, in throwing an surprise engagement party waiting at our parents home. During fall photos, I started to notice Brett was getting nervous and acting out of his norm. A proposal crossed my mind once but we talked about waiting until the spring, so I quickly shrugged it off. Needless to say, I was shocked when he got down on one knee.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

Fell in love with my Harlow at Novelle Bridal in Edmonton, AB, Canada. However the first time I fell in love was when I was casually scrolling Made With Love’s Instagram, I knew I had to try her on. When I went to try on bridal dresses, I knew Harlow & Ryder were my two favourites, so I intentionally tried on Harlow 3rd, and of course I couldn’t get my mind off of her. Though, I loved the neckline of Ryder, so I chose the V2 Elsie neckline. I said yes to the dress that day & altered her to be a perfect compliment to my body, taking the neckline to a deeper plunge.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Its so hard to choose the best moment when the whole day was so incredible. Though, one moment specifically stand out to me: one when Brett and I took 20 minutes to ourselves, grabbed our specialty bottle of champagne, two coupe glasses, and sat on a private bench overlooking the pond and fountain at our stunning venue. It was bliss, moments that we were able to truly soak in the memories of the day and laugh together like we always do.

What were your favourite details? 

A few of my favourite details of our day were so sentimental and meaningful. My parents recently visited Maui, finding the most beautiful pearl earrings from the south sea. I was looking for the exact earrings online, at home, and just couldn’t find what I was imagining, until my parents gifted me the perfect addition to my wedding day look.

Another favourite detail was the wrapping of my bouquet. My late grandmother recently passed and I wanted to feel her presence with me as I walked down the aisle. I was able to take a small piece of my grandmothers dress and wrap it around my bouquet, allowing me to carry her with me not only walking down the aisle with my dad, but the whole day.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Definitely take those 20 minutes to yourself on your day! Schedule it in so everyone knows your plan, and take a little escape to truly talk with your new partner, laugh, connect, and soak in those moments.

Any standout vendors?

Venue: Hillside Acres Wedding Venue
Photographer: Ash MacLean
Videographer: Anthony Do


Harlow V2


Ash MacLean


Novelle Bridal