Krista + Justin

How did you meet?

Once in college, he attended Auburn in Alabama which was a college I had visited in high school with hopes to attend – last minute I changed my mind to go to college near home, but the universe had us meet there another way – through friends during a college visit! After meeting once then, we stayed in touch until reconnected again 6 years later. After that time we never stopped talking!

When did you know they were the one?

I knew from his first text to me 🙂 I swear! There was also this electricity that I felt and with each decision that we made. It never felt crazy or scary, it always felt right! I moved to NYC to be with him after dating long distance for 6 months – and meeting each other less than 10 times IRL.. I never felt scared or nervous to do the crazy things we did, but always supported and accepted through it all because we both knew it was right!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

My non-negotiables 🙂 tall (he is 6’4) funny, and loving. Justin is truly someone who is incredibly creative, thoughtful, sweet, loyal, open…there isn’t anyone like him. I have been able to evolve into many versions of myself through our relationship together and I am so thankful for his support and love over the last 10 years of dating!

Who proposed and how? 

After 8 years of dating, Justin came to surprise me when I was in NYC on tour for my podcast and traveling all over the world. I hadn’t seen him in weeks! We had fell in love in NYC but since had moved to LA. He organized a dinner with my friends there, and a surprise proposal on the roof of our favourite place in Brooklyn where he came out to surprise me. We spent the days after in the city doing everything we loved when we first lived there!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I found it at a boutique in Laguna Beach shopping with my best friend, sister and mom. I knew in my mind this would be the dress and style I wanted but when I found it was I blown away. I love how it fit my body (and I didn’t lose weight for my wedding at all) hugged my curves, felt luxurious, boho but modern. The train detail was also so gorgeous and gave it a dramatic feel.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

Reading my vows in front of my husband and friends. I was so proud of what was shared from my heart. It was such a beautiful moment for us both.

What were your favourite details?

I loved that we had a full week of activities planned for our wedding so that we could really get time with our amazing guests, from a sunset cruise, to a pool party, I was so grateful that I got such quality time with our family and friends. So not so much a detail – but our attention to the detail of making it a true vacation for all of us :).

What advice would you tell other brides?

Oh my goodness I want to write a book on this! My main thing was to use this as a time for you to really speak what’s on your heart in all areas of your life. In every relationship, with every vendor, makeup artist, friend….you have to feel like you have said how you feel so that you know that you showed up as you are and how you wanted. I felt really empowered during this time. I felt ready to receive all of the love we had cultivated over the years, and that I had said how I felt in each moment whether it was hard or easy.

Any standout vendors?

Bride + Groom: @itskrista @ohthatsjhall
Wedding planning: @detailsdarling
Signage: @wildhouseink
Hair and makeup: @loscabosmakeup
Rings: @crystalstreets
Flowers: @loladelcampoevents
Photography: @katiekielyphotography
Videography: @lumos.creative
Rentals: @let_it_be_events
Styling by: @somethingwhitestyling