Katy + Keegan

How did you meet?

Tinder – a modern cinderella story!!!
I was going to a women’s college in the same town as a big university, so it was more efficient for me to find a date through Tinder than trek all the way to the university’s campus. I swiped right for his smile!

When did you know they were the one?

When my dad got really sick during my senior year at college, he dropped everything (and he was a teacher at this time, so literally dropped everything) to help me get 3 states away to be with my dad in his final moments and be with me for the aftermath of losing a parent. That’s the kind of support everyone should look for in a lifelong partner.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Keegan is supportive, candid (brutally so sometimes!), and crazy in touch with the way he feels about things and why.

Who proposed and how? 

Keegan proposed to me on a trip with my mom and sister in San Jose, California. They lived a few states away so we decided to “celebrate my birthday” 3 weeks early. I knew something was up when they all suggested that we go and take photos before we left for dinner. We are very much NOT a “let’s spend 30 minutes taking photos before dinner” kind of people! It was during this impromptu photo shoot that Keegan got down on one knee and proposed!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

My dress was actually a different designer, but I’m submitting this because I have the same strong feelings about my chiffon wings from Made with Love! I had been looking for a veil alternative but nothing was feeling right! When MWL announced their new chiffon wings on Instagram, I KNEW that they were going to be perfect! I called every store nearby to see if they were planning on stocking them. Eventually I found that A and Be in Seattle was planning on getting them. They promised to call me when they got them in and I immediately made an appointment when I got the call and drove up there from Portland just to try them on! They were absolutely perfect, and the way they move is indescribable. They flow like water!

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

Finally seeing Keegan at the alter after we had been apart all day! We wrote our own vows and I couldn’t wait to share them with him.

What were your favourite details?

The wings!!! I can’t even describe how perfect they were for our big day. They were incredibly soft and opaque without being heavy.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Try to plan things so that you don’t have anything to work on the week or 2 before your big day! So many little things pop up in that time that you have to do, so try to wrap up as much as you can before then!

Any standout vendors?

Our photographer – Andreia Claro


Chiffon Wings


Cape Horn Estate


Chas Thompson (Wildflower Portland)


Katarina Ottman (Blushing Bride PDX)


Andreia Claro




Engagement Ring – Charles and Colvard, Wedding Ring – Anna Sheffield (his), and Olive Ave (mine)


A and Be – Seattle