Katie + Silverio


How did you meet?

So my partner Silverio and I initially met when he was backpacking in Australia and I was temporarily living there. It defiantly was an interesting journey-we started as friends which was so perfect and we had a great year together. I was meant to go back to London which is where I lived for many years but he suggested I continue travelling with him on his last leg of his Australia tour. Not only did I fall back in love with our beautiful country (which is just spectacular backpacking through it by the way) it was also where our relationship changed as we realised it was more than friendship. We spent the most incredible time in Australia and particularly Uluru. We had already made plans to go separate ways well before we knew what was happening so for a brief 2 months we were apart but not without being in contact everyday. It seemed so strange to us having always been together to end up on opposite parts of the globe. I was in NYC and he was already in Italy when i decided to cut my trip short and fly over to him as I knew that’s where i wanted to be. From then on it was always Us. We spent the rest of the year traveling and eventually we moved together to London.

Who proposed and how?

London means so much to us as its where we had our first real home together, where both of our children were born and where finally after much deliberation on where in the world to get married, its where we then decided to actually have our wedding. He proposed to me at the Prince Albert Bridge one day out of the blue as it seems. Yes we spoke about it but I was not expecting it that day as were just running errands. He stopped his bike as he had to check some mechanical issue so he said. I even still had my bike helmet on as I wasn’t keen to take it off cos it was too cold being middle of February in London. Of course I said YES.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We loved everything about the day of our wedding only that it went too quick! Noone tells you that the day just flies! Having two small kids we didnt go on a honeymoon. We also had the small task of relocating halfway across the globe so packing up our home in London was no small feat. None the less we will eventually have a small getaway – one day…currently living in Australia.



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