Katie + Dorian

How did you meet?

Dorian & I met whilst working for the same hotel in London. It would be a cliché to say it was love at first sight (wouldn’t it?!) but we both felt something strange from the get go! From there came an array of dates in London and in his true French form, I was wined and dined until my feet hurt. We decided to move to Sydney together less than a year later and the rest is history!

When did you know they were the one?

Dorian started to appear in my dreams before we were even dating! I could not get him out of my mind and I was having crazy vivid dreams about our (soon to be, it turns out) life together. Once we were ‘officially’ together, I knew he was the one because every vision I had of my future included him and I could not imagine my life without him anymore.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is so intelligent, incredibly caring & he has a French accent (duh!)

Who proposed and how?

Dorian proposed in Fiji during our time in Australia. He bought me the trip for my birthday and I did not suspect a thing (this was super strange for me, I always suspect!) He did not say much but held a very unusual fuchsia pink ring box by Parisian jewellery designer Anna Molinari. When he opened it, I finally realised he wasn’t joking or about to offer me a non-ring birthday present and I was so shocked! I could not stop staring at it for the rest of the trip, I think he wished he had waited until the end since my attention was on my hand. The highlight was the fact that he called my mum & two brothers to ask for my hand…we are not a very traditional family but this made it all the more special for them too.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I fell  in love with Made With Love when I was living in Sydney. Not only for their dresses, which are all stunning, but also for the way the business is built on family – I could not quite get over how mum wraps the dresses for postage to brides to be, it is so special! I fell in love with their studios, their ethos and the reason to why they started – I subconsciously knew I would find my dress here. My mum lives in Gibraltar, and wasn’t going to be in Sydney for my to try on my dress so I didn’t – I waited until I was in London again and the first thing I did was book my appointment! Tove from the London boutique was amazing at squeezing us in since we had such a tight time frame. I must say I was between Riley crepe & the brand new (at the time) Lola and it was as if I was choosing the kind of bride I wanted to be! Both are so stunning! I went with the Riley crepe as it really complimented my personality, super simple and elegant, with a touch of an edge in her plunge. I also went with the Charlie veil, to give it a traditional essence and changed into the chiffon wings for the party. I was dressed in Made with Love from head to toe!

What advice would you tell other brides?

I know every one says it, but it really helped me…I vowed to enjoy every single second, absorb it like it was something I could and remember the details. You are not on duty, it is YOUR day, you do not need to do the rounds, trust me – the come to you! I felt like I was floating through my wedding day, surrounded with my best friends and family. I truly enjoyed every second and every new moment I said ‘that was incredible, I am SO grateful’. Time goes by at the same pace whether you stress about it going fast or not, choose the latter and enjoy it.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Without a doubt it was hearing my aisle song start to play and walking down the aisle. I got married in Mallorca, Spain, so they rang a bell when I was ready to walk which gave it an incredibly traditional feel. I chose the song ‘I choose you’ and I simply felt so beautiful in my dress that I could not wait for my husband-to-be and guests to see me. I was so confident, relaxed and excited.

Any standout vendors?

Oh wow, my chosen vendors MADE MY DAY!!


Riley Crepe


Finca Comassema


ALA Makeup, Mallorca


Imma Del Valle


Floristeria es Brot


London Made With Love Boutique