Katelyn + Paul

How did you meet?

Paul & I met at a bar in Cronulla, called 2230. It was early hours of the morning, and I ran into him & a mutual friend, who introduced us. Next minute we were dancing on the dance floor & hooking up. I was wearing red lipstick, it was not colour stay, and it went all over him haha. At the time I didn’t know as it was so dark, but the kiss was definitely worth it, and where our love story started.

How did you know he was the one?

I knew Paul was the one as straight from the start our relationship was easy, we loved spending every minute together, and being in each other’s company.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

Paul is very thoughtful and caring, he always thinks of others before himself. He always puts me first, even before himself. He shows me he loves me everyday, a kiss before he goes to work, a good morning message or just random compliments. We also have so much fun together, he is my best friend and every day I can’t wait to come home to him.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I had my heart set on Sasha, long before I even got engaged. But when I got engaged I found out it had been discontinued. I loved all the dresses at MWL, as I knew they were the style I had my heart set on. When I came for my appointment in Sydney, I tried on Zylah first, as it had just been released. I fell so in love!! I tried on a few others, but I kept going back for Zylah. I loved the lace, and the low back, it was everything and knew it was the one.

Who proposed and how?

Paul proposed on 8 August 2018 on the top of the Eiffel Tower. He knew it was my dream proposal and how much I loved Paris. My friends were telling me prior to our trip they thought he might propose, but I knew he was stressing over money for our trip etc so I just didn’t believe it.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

My best moment was hearing Paul’s vows, as we didn’t show each other prior. It was so beautiful to hear them from him and it made me so emotional to hear everything he cherishes about us and his promises. I also loved our first dance moment, we had done 4 lessons prior, and we had been practising at home. Our first dance was to “I Do” by Morgan Evans, not your typical wedding song, but we loved the lyrics and I love country music. I just loved having that moment with Paul where it was just us having so much fun and it was so special.

What surprised you most at or about your wedding

How quickly the day goes! everyone says it, but I never believed it. I wish we could do it all over again and relive it, it seriously was the best day in my life.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Don’t get caught up in other people’s opinions. It is your day as well as your Husband to be, just concentrate on what you want your day to be like. It is about you and how you imagine your dream day. And at the end of the day, you don’t want to regret anything.

What was the one thing you did differently for your wedding?

My Mum has raised me as a single parent since I was 8. My Dad is around, and I knew it would be a touchy subject, but from a very young age I always knew my Mum deserved this moment. The whole room looking a her, and seeing the amazing job she has done and to give me away to Paul. The other was the boys and Paul’s Dad landing on the vineyard in 2 helicopters. We had booked the helicopters but we didn’t tell Paul’s Groomsmen, as he wanted to surprise them on the day. He also asked his Dad to join, as he wanted to involve him in something special, since his Mum would be getting a Mother Son dance. Paul’s Dad started driving the boys from the house and they got to the Cessnock Airport and he told them what they were doing, it was such a nice surprise for them and also a once in a lifetime moment to land in a helicopter for your wedding.



MWL Design:



Enzo Weddings, Ironbark Hill Vineyard. They have the most gorgeous chapel, that has a glass backdrop, so when you are in the chapel you are also looking at the vineyard, this is why we fell in love with the venue, it was a win win, chapel and vineyard views. Also their reception area is onsite and just as beautiful. We got married there on 14 March 2020 just before COVID19 restrictions, we were very lucky.


Gareth Hudson from Hunter Valley Wedding Singer. We wanted someone from the area, and when I heard him sing, we knew he was the one.


Jo from White Hair & Makeup


Cody from The Posy Garden


Oleg Cassini – I had my heart set on pewter for the colour, as I wanted something a bit different. I also knew from the start I wanted all the girls in different styles, as I wanted them to be comfortable in their dresses. The girls choose their dress styles from the store in Alexandria, they were measured up and the dresses were made and sent to me 8 weeks later, it was a smooth process and would recommend them.


Midas Jewellery in Miranda. My engagement ring, our wedding rings. Paul bought me a diamond bracelet for a wedding present from them and I got some cuff links made from them as well for his wedding present with our names and wedding date engraved on the back. I wore my Mum’s diamond earrings as something borrowed, my Mum’s eternity ring as something old. As well as a gold necklace that has a friendship heart on it. It is special to me as my cousin who passed away has the other half, ever since we were little we would always go and buy the friendship necklaces.


From The White Collection – Audrey in White by Harlo Australia


Paul’s was from InStitchu
The Groomsmen were from Politix


White Lane Studio