Kasey + Stewart

How did you meet?

Stewart and I met in college through a mutual friend — my friend Julie told me that her friend Stewart needed a ride home from college and we lived in neighboring towns, so she asked if I would mind giving him a ride. I happened to be going home that weekend so I was glad to pick Stewart up and take him back to the area. We chatted and I thought to myself on the road trip — I could date this guy! Having a mutual friend, we ended up seeing each other out a lot at social gatherings back at school and eventually I asked him to attend my sorority’s Winter Formal as my date and the rest is history! 

How did you know they were the one?

I knew he was the one as soon as I fell in love with him, I just knew that no matter what he would be in my life forever I felt like it would never be complete without him in it. 

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

I love his confidence and independence and I love that he is strong in times when I am not. I also love his sense of humor because he makes me laugh.

Who proposed and how? 

He proposed to me in the most amazing way. We had been together for several years at this point and I had planned a beach trip to my grandmothers beach house, she said we could stay there for the weekend and take a few friends. Little did I know Stewart had been planning a proposal and engagement party, where he rented houses for our family and friends to come down to the beach to surprise me. He asked if I wanted to take our dog on a walk on the beach at sunset and while we were walking along the beach we came across a picnic that had been set up with tiki torches, my favorite photo of us, a blanket and pillows to sit on and margaritas to drink. I immediately burst into tears, it was an easy “Yes!” . After we spent some time watching the sun go down over the ocean we walked off of the beach and across the street there was a house with a balcony filled with a bunch of our family and friends cheering for us. He even had a musician come play that we had seen at a restaurant while visiting the beach a few months prior, who I had mentioned was really good. Such a great party and memories to cherish forever — and I was beyond surprised! 

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

The whole wedding was amazing, I think there were “best” moments throughout the entire day. We got married at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. My family has had a vacation home there since the 90s so i have always enjoyed going. It was a sentimental place to me, but also to Stewart and I because when we started dating I started bringing him along on trips and we would go with our friends a ton. Stewart and I always said it was our happy place. They have a country club there and on the golf course there is a tiny little chapel, it is so sweet and quaint and I knew this would be the perfect location for us and so special. Id have to say one of the best moments was walking into that chapel, it was the most amazing unexplainable feeling seeing him at the alter with all of our closest family and friends around. The next best moment was the sunset which was un. real. It was the most incredible sunset any of us had ever seen. We had a cocktail hour on the terrace at the clubhouse for our guests with a photo opp set up. The photo opp had a hanging neon sign that read our new last name, adorned with florals from our florist. Everyone was taking photos for our guest book with a polaroid camera we provided but also capturing photos with their phones of the sunset as well. Meanwhile Stewart and I were getting photos taken of the two of us out on the island green of the golf course near the water, our photographer was loving the lighting! The next best moment was walking into our reception and having the best time on the dance floor with our band, eating dinner, and listening to some incredible speeches by loved ones. It was a fun night we will never forget!  

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I had been following the MWL Instagram and loved all of the styles, so I went to the stockiest that carries them in the city I live in to try them on. I tried on a ton of them but when I tried on the Georgie Crepe, I just knew. I felt beautiful in it and I loved how timeless and simple it was, very suiting for my personality. When my bridal consultant put on the Stevie Veil I nearly lost my breath. I was so excited for Stewart to see me in this gown on our big day. 

What surprised you most at or about your wedding?

I was surprised most by how everything came together so seamlessly, there are so many moving parts but with the right vendors and people to help anything is possible — I was surrounded by a great team! And in the moment if something goes awry, it doesn’t matter because what matters most is being joined in marriage to your best friend and being surrounded by everyone you love smiling and having the best time. The little details don’t matter as much as you feel they do during the planning process. 

What advice would you tell other brides?

See above response and try not to stress! It will all be okay, I ruined many moments during my engagement stressing over things that were out of my control. If you let go and just enjoy the present moment, you will never regret it.

What was the one thing you wish you did differently for your wedding?

Nothing! Everything was perfect.


Georgie Crepe & Stevie Veil


The Water’s Edge Country Club


EP Party Band


Photosynthesis Florals




Hers: JM Edwards, His: Brilliant Earth. Jewelry — My mom gifted me a tennis bracelet of hers and a watch that my dad had given her. I also had a custom jacket made by Ally Jacqueline that I wore during cocktail hour and for our sparkler exit – it was fun accessorizing with that as well!


Steve Madden


The Black Tux and Velvet Bowties from Revelry




Derek Fowler Photography


Coastal Knot