Jessica + Dean

How did you meet?

We met outside a casino, here in Aberdeen. It was the go to place for breakfast after a night out and, we met in the queue! He was making everyone laugh, I tried to ignore him but he had me with his sense of humour. He’s made me laugh ever since. He also won over my son, Oliver.
I tried to facebook swerve him when I noticed the friend request come in. He loved to party and I loved to get cosy with a hot water bottle, peppermint tea and Netflix.

We bought our house together within the year of meeting, he proposed in Disneyland Paris a few months later and we cemented our family with our two little boys (Frankie & Teddy) and our two dogs (Rocky + Minnie).

We’re not your standard newlyweds, we haven’t done everything the ‘correct’ way however I love this about us. I wouldn’t change it.

When did you know they were the one?

When I realised I couldn’t go a day without being with him. I couldn’t sleep as peacefully as I once did without him by my side. He made me feel safe, secure, and he made me laugh so much more than I ever had before.

I can’t imagine doing life without Dean. Being a nurse, and working in the area that I do, I see loss more regularly than I should. I’ve cared for patients who are at the end of their life and the same advice I was always given was to be happy. No matter what you do, be happy. We leave this world with nothing, but the memories and love that surrounds us in that moment. I knew that I would want him in that moment. The thought of growing old together, watching the three boys grow into confident and happy young men fills me with so much excitement. I don’t wish time away, ever. But I know one day we will sit down with our own grandchildren, and I’ll feel so proud at everything we have created. The wedding will be a distant memory in that moment but we’ll look back with happiness. Hey, maybe I’ll be blessed with a granddaughter that will put Darcy to good use, all over again. She will never age.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

1. His sense of humour. Even when he reads our boys a bedtime story he will turn it into a comedy sketch. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I could really do without his comedy!).
2. His determination to work hard and to work the hardest he can for our family. His goal is to ensure we have a happy and comfortable life and he fulfils this by working constantly. He is so generous, he would give us the world (he doesn’t have to, he is our world).
3. He will never let me do anything he thinks he could do instead. If it’s raining, he’ll offer to collect the kids, need something from the shop? He’s already there. He’s a strong character and isn’t anyone’s fool, that’s for sure. But he will run backwards/forwards and in circles for us.

Who proposed and how?

We went to Disneyland Paris in December 2018. He proposed on 28/12/18 during the evening fireworks. It was freezing! I also didn’t expect it! Unfortunately the photos (taken by our friends) show us both ugly crying. In that moment I was the happiest I could ever be. It was such a lovely setting, it was us! Oliver was able to be involved too and be part of the whole thing. Mickey approved of my ring the next day, wow we were on a high!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I fell in love with every single Made with Love dress before I’d actually tried on any Made with Love dress.
I wanted a Made with Love dress! Was I brave enough to try one on? No. Why not? Designers like you wouldn’t make beautiful dresses for figures like mine. How wrong was I.

I knew I needed to try on one of these dresses but I also dreaded seeing my figure. I worried that it would ruin the experience if I couldn’t fit in one of your dresses. Darcy was perfect. She was a perfect fit, I didn’t feel like a monster. The dresses are so lightweight and I love how they are made with any figure in mind. I love how your models vary in sizes but are all beautiful.
For someone like myself, I have 3 children who I adore. I’ve had two c-sections (2020 + 2021). I’ve been desperate to lose weight but I also deal with the issues of every day life. I’m a nurse, I’m busy – all the time. I’ve struggled with postnatal depression and honestly, I haven’t felt like I could be a bride.
I stood in previous wedding dress shops and cried. Then, I went into Ivory Grace and finally took the step and tried on several of your dresses. I stood on front of the mirror, opened my eyes and fell in love with what I saw in the mirror. For the first time, in a long time. I felt like Darcy was made for me. She made me feel pretty. She made me feel like my lumps and bumps were actually in the right places, for once. She fitted round them perfectly. I didn’t even think that could be possible, but it was.

For someone like me, and when I say that I mean, not your skinny or even slim bride. The dress worked. I never even dreamed of that being a possibility. Thank you.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

After the ceremony, Rhea our photographer took us on a wee adventure. I completely fell in love with my husband all over again. I felt nervous, happy, in love and my face felt numb from smiling. Our Piper (Spud the Piper, 35,000 followers on fb, he’s a big deal) came with us initially. We had to get a photograph with him.
It was cold, so so cold. But we didn’t care. It was the first time Dean had seen my dress properly, the ceremony was a blur. He kept telling me how beautiful I looked and all the little insecurities slipped away.

What were your favourite details? 

I had added a lot of personal details. I had done the centre pieces myself (thank you facebook marketplace, IKEA + Pinterest). I had been collecting the glass milk bottles delivered every Sunday to use on the little bar tables and fill with eucalyptus and Pampas. I used some amazing local suppliers for lighting, draped wall, a wisteria moongate and flower wall. When the rain hit us, those backdrops were invaluable.
Our three tier cake was all (soft) cookie and the white chocolate buttercream was to die for. Etsy businesses were my go to during my planning. I got my cake from Etsy and it was these little details that I loved.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Above everything, please enjoy your day. It will pass so quickly. Grab those moments, make those memories, eat that cake you’ve planned for months, dance to that band until you can’t dance anymore, tell your bridesmaids how much you adore them, hug your parents so so tight, embrace that beautiful dress and fall in love with your husband all over again.
Please don’t stress about your figure. Honestly, I would say this. Every bride is beautiful. Being a bride in itself is so damn sexy! This day is about you, your husband and the love that you have for each other. Please be confident in who you are and know that this man/woman loves you for you. They are going to fall in love with you as soon as they see you walk down that aisle. It probably all sounds so cliche but you don’t need to have a front cover worthy figure to look amazing. My dress made me feel worthy of that bride title and if I could wear it again, I would. Infact, I probably will!
Research photographers, and find one that makes you feel comfortable. This person will be sharing the first moments with you and your new husband. They will guide you on how to get the most out of your photographs and I can’t stress how important it is to find the right photographer. I knew Rhea was the best fit for us. As soon as my husband spoke to her, he did too. The right photographer will be worth every penny that you spend, once the day is over, the hype is over with, you’ll still have your photographs of you, your husband and your beautiful dress. Pick wisely.

Any standout vendors?

Our photographer Rhea. She helped me get through the day. I actually cried when she walked into my room on the morning of the wedding. She had a tartan waistcoat on and looked so lovely, she’s always smiling, it all felt so real all of a sudden. I was glad she was there.

My Make up artist, Julia Stronach. She is also an old school friend. She knows me well. She knew I’d more than likely be panicking and not feeling so confident. I was grateful to have a moment with her before I walked down the aisle. She did some finishing touches to my make up and told me I looked beautiful. It gave me a little, ‘oomph’, let’s do this!




Rhea McKenzie


Ivory Grace