Jasmin + Nathan

How did you meet?

Nath and I met actually 10 years ago exactly this year! But my goodness it WAS NOT love at first sight. I was in year 8 and he was in year 7 and we couldn’t be more different. He was a little ratbag, getting in trouble all the time, super outgoing, and as terrible as it sounds pre-glow up so absolutely wasn’t on my radar at all. I was a super girly schoolgirl, never really got detentions and I always had eyes on boys at least 5 years older than me! Anyway, there are many random interactions we had here and there during school mostly because he’d be trying to get ins with other girls in my year group which always failed!

It wasn’t until we’d finished school that the interest grew! My friend Arleen invited me to see the school musical with her but forgot she also invited Nath along too as they were good friends at the time. She told me this and with reluctance, I said it was ok…
Nath brought his two best friends along, Matt and Josh to watch their other best friend Zac in the musical. I sat with Nath, Matt, and Josh before Arleen arrived and it was so terribly awkward. After the musical, Matt and I actually began to message each other, and guess who was our wingman? NATHAN! Matt and I obviously didn’t work out (for the best and now he has a beautiful fiance, Ena!) and that small phase still weirds me to my core. Nath and I began messaging each other most days and we found out we had a lot more in common than we thought. Nath had grown immensely over the last few years as a person and the little ratbag I previously knew him as was completely changed for the better. The months rolled on and we were STILL in each other’s Dm’s haha. Eventually, he asked if we could hang out IRL. Me, still quite reluctant would make up excuses to avoid hanging out! Nath had created quite a reputation for himself and a lot of the people I went to school with would be super judgemental if they found out we were even associated with each other. I also disliked the fact that he was younger than me lol, it’s only a 9 month age difference but still irked me so much. My self-conscious self was super reluctant but then I finally gave in and our first I guess date was watching the sunrise at Turrimetta Beach in Narrabeen. We talked and talked and talked for hours and then, the rest is history!!! I would have never believed anyone if they had told me Nathan White from the year below would be my future husband but here we are post-wedding and we are so happy. 🙂

When did you know they were the one?

I can’t quite pinpoint where in our dating timeline I knew, but I loved and still love the way he adores, cares, loves, and cherishes his family. Nath has 3 sisters and he is such a beautiful brother to them. He’s protective, makes them laugh, and cares for them all so deeply. My mum always told me to watch the way a man treats his family, especially his mum, and if he has sisters. The way he treats the women in his life will be a reflection of the way he’ll love and treat you and your future family one day. This was apparent from day one but maybe a year and a bit into our relationship, watching him with his mum, sisters, cousins, and aunties made me really go “Hey this guy is a very good person and I feel totally safe, loved and cared for by him.”

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

– He loves people – Nath works as a youth minister and a mental health support worker in a high school. He has a passion for young people and loves to help, guide and care for them. He’s the one person in a lot of those kids’ lives that take the time to stop and listen to them and help them in any way they may need.

– So funny, life of the party! – Nathan White is known very well in our social circles! My opposite, a loud, outgoing, and confident guy who is amazing at conversation, makes people laugh and I can always rely on him to take the reins socially when my introvertedness gets too strong.

– His loyalty. I have full trust that Nath will always fight for us, our relationship, and our future family. This was modeled so amazingly in his life growing up by his parents and I know because of that it will flow into our lives. Hard ships come and go in any relationship, but his loyalty is something I’m so thankful for and that I love about him.

Who proposed and how? 

My friend Rach had a birthday lunch that my best friend (and maid of honor) Erin was also invited to! Erin invited me over to get ready at her place and we would go together! Nothing out of the ordinary, we get ready and go places together all the time! I got there and began getting ready. Erin’s husband Peter asked if we could drop some tools off to a workmate of his on the way as we were going to pass them on our way to the birthday lunch. Reluctantly Erin said yes and Peter said Thank you!!!!

We were ready to go! Erin put the workmate’s address into her maps and we were off. We got to Mosman (where the bday lunch and workmate lives) and Erin had made a few wrong turns, she was getting stressed but we still had time so it was ok! Finally, we got to the workmate’s place and Erin asked me to come with her to drop off the tools because she gets nervous going to random people’s houses. I said yes but I didn’t really want to because it was cold and rainy and I had just gotten ready!!! We walked over to this house, dropped off the case then Erin checked her phone and said we had to drop the tools at the back. We walked down this path which seemed really random because it wasn’t attached to the house but I just went with it. Then we got to this walkway and Erin said “Follow me”. I looked at her weirdly and said ” ok….”.

At this stage, I knew a proposal was possibly on the cards because Nath and I had gone ring shopping and I had designed my ring. 20% of me was thing OMG IS THIS IT?! while the other 80% thought it wasn’t and there was some really strange way to this person’s backyard. Anyway, we kept on walking, and we got to this sign with pink and purple balloons. The sign said, “Follow the photos”. Erin looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “This is where I leave you, go find the love of your life”. We hugged and my tears began FLOWWWINGGG. I really thought I wouldn’t cry during my proposal but boy the waterworks were flowing!!!

TBH still part of me wasn’t fully convinced that this was for me!!! Along this gorgeous bush trail, Nath had stuck photos of us through the years we had been dating on trees that lined the trail. Each photo had a message written on the back of it with one letter underlined. After I collected all the 14 photos those underlined letters spelled… WILL YOU MARRY ME? I walked up to a clearing, and Nath was standing on a headland that overlooked Athol Bay. It was cold, the wind was CRAZY and it was raining. I HATE this kind of weather but this day I did not mind it. Nath hugged me and asked if I read the letters behind each photo. He then kneeled down and asked the questions and put the most beautiful engagement ring on my finger. Our wonderful friend Izzy was hiding in the bushes taking photos and our beautiful friends Holly and Luke had set up a picnic with champagne and cheese for us!

A few weeks before this Nath messaged Rach and asked if he could take Erin & I out of her bday lunch so this whole plan could work! I really thought no matter how he proposed I would know! But I was completely shocked and the plan was so good! That workmate of Peters didn’t exist and that random house we dropped the tools at was some random house!!! All my best friends knew this was happening but kept the secret in so so so well! I saw 4 of my best friends the day before and complained to each of them about how long Nath was taking to propose! It’s so funny to look back on now because they ALLLL knew that it was happening the next day and they listened and empathized with me so well!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

At the MWL boutique in St Ives! I had been following MWL on Instagram for years and because it was so close to my house I thought that this would be the perfect place to start my wedding dress journey! I knew what I wanted, a big skirt with a high slit, strapless, no lace or beading only soft tulle, and with puffy long off-the-shoulder sleeves. I was SET on this for years!

When we got to the boutique we were greeted by the lovely Natalie and she got out the dresses for me to try on. I tried on Huxley Flowy first because it had the skirt I have always wanted! I tried it on but thought oh gosh, I look like I’m drowning in fabric. I’m not a very tall person and I felt like I was being overpowered by fabric! Slightly disappointed I moved on to the next, then the next. This appointment I booked not with the intention of finding my gown but getting some wedding dress knowledge and for wedding dress trying-on experience! Nat then asked if she could show me her wildcard. Every lady that has ever been married had said to me, “Make sure you try on everything! You only get to do it once!”. Of course, I took that advice on and accepted the wildcard. It was a slim-fit mermaid style, with lace and beading! The lace was gorgeous and I loved re subtle sparkle but geez this was almost the total opposite of what I was going for! Its name was Posie so I was hooked just a bit (I’ve always loved the name Posie for a future baby of mine). Nat helped me get the dress on, I remember looking down at my body wrapped in this beautiful lace and maybe just maybe my mind was changing!

I stepped out of the changing room and Mum had the look of wedding dress approval and love on her face. I stepped onto the pedestal and looked at myself in the mirror. OH, MY GOODNESS I was in love. “Oh, Jaz that is beautiful,” said Mum with tears in her eyes, tears were welling up in my eyes too! Nat put the Isobel Veil on me and the tulle gloves and handed me a bouquet it was just perfect. I didn’t want a lace, embellished, or beaded dress but the Posie lace is something different, so whimsical and elegant I just adore it. Nat said that I may be one of the first brides to wear Posie as she was still so new so that also sold me a little more on it! Posie hadn’t been released yet so we weren’t allowed to take any photos but Nat took some that she sent to me after the release. When I got those photos back it was confirmation that Posie was my dress.

I went to two other bridal stores to try on more dresses just in case and to take my bridesmaids with me, but at all those appointments and amongst all the dresses I tried on I couldn’t shake Posie.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

There were obviously SO MANY amazing moments from our wedding day, I wish I could relive it again! But one of the absolute highlights that will be a core memory for me forever is walking out of the church. We got married in St Matts in Manly which is right on the corso so you step right into a public walkway which sounds terrible but it was sooooo sweet. We walked back down the aisle to my favorite song, I’m In Love With You by The 1975, everyone was cheering and the atmosphere was pure joy! The morning of our wedding was cloudy and we got a big bout of rain! I didn’t let this ruin my day but Nath and I are sunshine LOVERS so sunshine would’ve been nice! The church was quite dark through the ceremony so when the doors opened and golden sunshine flooded in we were both so HAPPY! We stepped out of the church into the sun, the church bells were ringing and there were dozens of random members from the public clapping and cheering outside. It makes me so happy thinking about this moment.

What were your favorite details? 

I made a flower crown with a fresh Babies Breath the night before my wedding to wear! I was very set on wearing my hair up in a slick ponytail but last minute chose to wear it down with flowers in my hair. I also thought a flower crown works well with a dress called Posie!

I loved our flowers! The brief was, cottage-core, fairytale, magical, whimsical, and storybook and our florist NAILED IT! I wanted a big pageant-style bouquet that I could hold like I was cradling a baby (sounds weird but it’ll make sense when u look at the photos!) The flowers on the plinths at the altar in the church, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, and the reception flowers were so majestically magical and I’m still so obsessed.

My bridesmaid dresses were from Meshki, not exactly where I had imagined getting them from but I knew I wanted pink and purple dresses and they had an amazing selection of the exact shades of pink and purple I wanted!

I had my little 3-month-old niece Rae as my flower girl/ flower baby and I loved her little cute dress! She obviously was too little to walk down the aisle so I had her mum Loz (Nath’s sister) walk her down. I knew I wanted a flower girl or ring boy but there aren’t many kids in our lives at the moment! So I thought it would be a sweet touch for her to be my flower baby so she and all of us can look back at when she was a tiny baby and had a special role in our wedding day! Her dress was from Arabella and Rose and it perfectly matched my dress!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Get guests to send you photos of you and your day so while you’re waiting for your professional photos you can reminisce, debrief and cherish your wedding day while you’re on your honeymoon!

DO NOT leave your speeches and letters to the week of the wedding! Oh my goodness I was up until past midnight the night before trying to polish off my speech and my letters and it was an unnecessary stress that I should’ve started doing weeks before!

Don’t feel bad about delegating! DELEGATE DELEGATE DELEGATE! I know some people are control freaks OR hate to make people bad/ burden them with stuff to do (that’s me!) but this is the one day where it’s absolutely ok! People will see tasks as a privilege most of the time, “I get to help the bride and groom on THEIR wedding day!” People will be offering to help in any way they can and my advice is absolutely to take those offers on!

Try to take mental snapshots throughout the day. As I was sitting through our ceremony I remembered all the advice from women in my life of all ages telling me to take each moment as it comes because (God-willing) you’ll only have a wedding day once! during each moment of our wedding day, I’d remember to take a proper look around at the flowers, my gorgeous bridesmaids, all our beautiful loved ones, myself in my wedding dress & my new husband, and those memories are still very strong in my head and hopefully will be for the rest of my life.

Any standout vendors? 

Honey Films was our videographer. Sam and his fiance Grace run Honey films and are friends of ours. They made both Nath and I feel so comfortable and the video they put together is the most amazing wedding video, they captured the day so perfectly. Their attention to detail and their creative eye were perfect.




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