Holly + Josh

How did you meet?

Josh and I met on an online dating site (before tinder was a thing) We started chatting and decided to meet up at a cafe on his lunch break for a quick coffee. It had been raining that day and Josh turned up with an umbrella and placed it against the wall behind me whilst we were having our date. At the end he got up and leaned forward with arms open so I naturally thought he was leaning in for a hug so I gave him a big old hug… he awkwardly responded with “oh, uhm.. I was actually leaning in to grab my umbrella” Needless to say, i felt super embarrassed and thought I had ruined my chances and wanted the world to swallow me up. Thankfully he didn’t even think it was an awkward moment and called me that night and we were inseparable ever since. But seriously though, why didn’t he just go with the hug??

When did you know they were the one?

When I realised how incredibly easy our relationship was. There was no big “Whoa” moment. It was more of a gradual realization that the time I spent with him was incredibly special. I loved how easy everything was in our relationship and that everyone in Josh’s circle were so lovely that I knew he must be a special guy to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

Where do I start?? He’s the funniest, weirdest, kindest, most humble, smartest person I have ever met. He knows how to ground me when times get tough and he always calls me to let me know when he sees a good dog in his day. He never gets mad that I always eat the last chip. He pushes me to be a better person and he is an incredible sounding board. He also has the most chiseled jaw of anyone I have ever met.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I went to the MWL studio at the Gold Coast with the intention of only trying on the Billie.. I took my best friend with me and while we were there the beautiful stylist suggested that I try on the Sadie and I knew when I walked out of the change room and my best friend started crying that I was onto a winner. She also said it made my butt look great – you can’t beat that!

Who proposed and how?

We were on a much needed holiday on a little island in Greece. We had spent the day lazing down at the beach reading books and swimming. We decided to cook a bbq for dinner at the little cottage that we were staying at and after we decided to watch the sunset over the olive groves. We were drinking wine chatting and Josh told me he was going inside to get some chocolate for us. He came back outside and sat down and I was like “where’s the chocolate??” He had to back away into the cottage so that I didn’t see the ring in his back pocket. He came back out with it, sat down and we started chatting and watching the sunset. He casually turned around and said “Hey Holly…. would you like to marry me?”. He’d found a beautiful ring by my favourite jeweler Digby and Iona. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The chocolate was pretty delicious too

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

Josh and I went sailing around some islands near El nido in the Philippines. We then finished our honeymoon by staying in this beautiful resort on Seven commandos Beach near El Nido. The only thing on that beach is the resort, and it only has enough accommodation for 8 people. Josh and I were the only ones there most of the time so it was beautiful and quiet and we were able to spend our days drinking beers, kayaking and snorkeling. It was absolute bliss.



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