Genna + Nicolaas

How did you meet?

A few years ago my family and I went on holiday back to South Africa (where we are originally from). We went on safari at andBeyond Phinda and turned out our safari guide is my now HUSBAND. When we met we instantly clicked and my family got along with him extremely well, it almost felt like we were already family. Over the years we maintained a friendship because I was in Australia and he was in South Africa.
In 2018 we began dating and the rest is history.

When did you know they were the one? 

When we first met he felt like an answer to prayer, I remember telling my mom that ‘I think I just met my husband.’ It has definitely been a journey however, I think I always knew that he was the one.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

I love how pure and genuine his heart is, he loves helping people and feels so deeply for them. I love how he supports and encourages me relentlessly. I also love his morals and values and I know I can trust him.

Who proposed and how? 

We were in Botswana on an afternoon boat cruise on the Chobe River. Just as it was going onto golden hour an elephant swam out into the water and stopped just in-front of our boat to feed on the reeds. This is when Nik’s pulled out the box and asked if I would marry him and I of course said yes!!! It was the most magical moment, I am so blessed.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I actually loved my dress from the moment I put it on. I had booked in a dress try on with MWL in Brisbane, I had my Mom, Auntie and Grandma come with me to the try on. I had selected a few dresses that I wanted to try on and Summer was actually the first one I put on. Driving home that day myself and my family members all loved Summer the most. I also felt most myself in Summer and thought it would be a good match for the African bush (we got married on a safari lodge in South Africa). I went back for one more try on with MWL and decided that Summer was the one!!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

WOW… It is SO hard to choose!!! Marrying my best friend was absolutely the best. I also wasn’t prepared for the amount of love I would feel on the day, to have everyone that we love most all together in one place was incredible. Another amazing moment on our big day was after the ceremony we were having our couple photoshoot done out on the reserve. The field guide was radioed in about lions heading in our direction where we were having our photo’s taken so we jumped into the game drive vehicle and got to see the lions and get photos with them in the background.
It was all just such an incredible day, I still feel so grateful.

What were your favourite details?

I loved everything, all of my out sourced venues did an absolutely incredible job.
I had an amazing stationary lady do our wedding stationary and she did an AMAZING job!! I had a vision for watercolour artwork for the menu, timeline board, Polaroid table etc. she made all mu visions come to life.
I was also just over the moon with my decor lady, wedding planner and hair and makeup!!

What advice would you tell other brides?

I would advice other brides to find vendors that you can trust, you are going to be sharing so much and so you need to be able to get along, enjoy the process and know that they will 100% understand and work with your visions. Another piece of advice I would give to other brides is on the day… be in the moment, slow down, ENJOY every moment and really just soak it all in because it truly goes SO quickly!!!

Any standout vendors?

ALL OF THEM! The team I had helping me was incredible and I wouldn’t change a thing. I got along so well with everyone and they all saw my vision and truly made it come to life!!!




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