Eva & Robby

How did you meet?

Robby and I met on the online app Tinder. I am originally from Austria but came to Vancouver for an exchange semester during my Master studies. Who would have known that 4 months in Canada would turn into a lifetime?!

When did you know they was the one?

After our first date, I knew that I met someone truly special. We talked and laughed as we would have known each other for years. It was our third date, however, where I knew that he might be the person that will change the rest of my life. We went for a hike to Shannon Falls in Squamish, BC. When he suddenly opened his backpack in the middle of nowhere, whipped out a gas cooker and all supplies for a perfect picnic, I knew that we were made for each other.

What’s your three favorite attributes of your partner?

Three attributes aren’t enough to describe this amazing person. He is the most honest and genuine person I have ever met. He ALWAYS makes me laugh and I can be 100% myself around him. I love that we share the same spirit of adventure, have the same values and dreams and can always count on each other.

Who proposed and how?

Robby proposed. He took me on a hike to Garibaldi Lake near Whistler, BC. I wanted to do this hike for years but we never got to do it. After hours of hiking, we finally reached the top and enjoyed the turquoise-blue water of the glacier lake. To top the amazing view, it even started to snow. We found a quiet litte spot on the shore for a break. Without me knowing he brought a bottle of my favorite wine and supplies to remake this perfect picnic we had on our third date. He asked me to pass him something from his backpack. By the time I turned around, he was on his knee and asked me if I want to marry him. He couldn’t have proposed in a better way.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

The Sofia dress was one of the first dresses I saw when I was starting to look for wedding ideas on Pinterest. (This was even before we were engaged.) I immediately fell in love with the deep V-neckline and back and the flowy-ness of the skirt. This dress always stayed in the back of my head and once we were engaged I researched stockists in Vancouver. I was so happy to find one that carried the dress and made an appointment. I put so much pressure on myself as I loved the dress but feared it wouldn’t fit. I left it to the very end of my appointment. When I put it on and walked out of the dressing room everyone including myself started to cry. That was the moment I knew I found my perfect dress.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We didn’t go on a honeymoon yet as many of my friends and family came all the way from Austria for the wedding. So we of course stayed with them afterwards to spend time with them. We are planning to go to New Zealand next year for a late honeymoon!



North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC, Canada


Rochelle Dewey, Beauty by Ro, Vancouver, BC


Flowers and Jules, Pemberton, BC

Bridesmaid outfits:

Morilee by Madeline Gardner


Custom made by Excel Jewellers


Aldo Shoes


Hugo Boss