Erica + Jared

How did you meet?

Jared lived one floor above me our freshman year of college. We had seen each other at parties and in the hallways, and had hung out a few times. One night he was walking out of the dorm and I stopped him to ask where he was going. He told me he was on his way to his birthday dinner. I made him come back inside, wait for me to change, and invited myself along.

How did you know they were the one?

Jared and I didn’t date in college, but after college, and after I completed law school, we both somehow ended up moving to Brooklyn, NY. Shortly after moving we began dating. We both knew pretty quickly it was always meant to be!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

He is incredibly smart and driven to succeed for us. He is incredibly kind, and he deeply cares about me and my happiness above all else.

Who proposed and how? 

Jared! He had been planning to take me to dinner in Brooklyn at a very romantic spot. The weekend before my whole family ended up coming to our apartment for dinner. He knows I am very, very close with them and decided to propose right there in our living room with my family over so that they could be included in such a big moment.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

Our vows. Jared and I wrote our own. I thought mine were good, but he blew me out of the water. Before I could begin saying mine I had to take a moment. They were so beautiful, I felt so loved.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I fell in LOVE with my dress at Lovely Bride NYC. The moment I put it on I KNEW it was the one. It made me feel beautiful. The details were absolutely gorgeous, it was so unique and special.

What were your favourite details?

The flowers and the way my florist and I worked to make everything have this beautiful flow. It is the start of peony season and she found the most stunning peonies and light mauve color roses. Our menus, table numbers and place cards had this light water color pink on them. It was gorgeous how everything pulled together.

What advice would you tell other brides?

They are not kidding when they say the day goes by in a flash. The moment the reception starts it is like time is speeding up. It goes by so fast! Take a moment with your husband whenever you can to just soak it all in.

Any standout vendors?

All of them. Especially our photographer Samantha June @arius_photography was more than just a photographer. She helped to make sure the entire day ran smoothly, planned our day of timeline, and broke it down on the dance floor with us.




Red Maple Vineyard

Bridesmaid Outifits:

They mixed and matched!


Viridescent Florals


Alana Marie Schmidt


Village Jeweler and BHLDN


Samantha June/Arius Photography


Lovely Bride NYC