Emma + Nicholas

How did you meet?

Nicholas and I met in the fall of 2016 during our junior year at WPI, an engineering school an hour outside Boston. We were assigned to the same project group for a study abroad trip in Venice, Italy. We became fast friends, but there was always an extra spark that hinted at something more. I invited him to a concert before we left on our trip, and the rest is history! We spent 7 weeks in Venice and took weekend trips all around Europe. Our friends joked that our relationship began with a honeymoon, and now we get to spend forever going on adventures together!

When did you know they were the one?

I had a feeling Nicholas was the one when we began to spend hours sitting together on campus doing schoolwork. We’d chat, share playlists, and start getting to know each other’s friends. My feelings were confirmed when I got lost in the winding maze of Venice and my phone died. Thankfully, I was able to get in touch with Nicholas and he dropped everything to come find me…then bought me 3 scoops of my favorite gelato.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

1. He is so thoughtful and goes out of his way to be kind. He always lets me know that he’s thinking of me and that I’m important to him.
2. He is very committed to anything he puts his mind to. Rowing has always been a huge part of his life, so his dedication to his teammates (both as a team member and now as a coach) is so inspiring. From the beginning, he’s made an effort to teach me about the sport and welcomed me into his tight-knit circle of friends.
3. He is so funny! He tends to be a man of few words, but he’ll come up with these hysterical one-liners that keep me laughing for days.

Who proposed and how? 

Nicholas proposed to me in August 2020. We’d been living with my parents during lockdown as we started the process of buying a house, and had been talking about engagement for a while. We chose the setting and stone for my ring together, and from there, everything was a surprise for me. He brought me on fun little weekend adventures to keep me on my toes and finally popped the question on an early morning hike with our dog, Ruby. He even hired our photographer, Sam, to capture the moment and it was all so perfect!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I fell in love with Louie Flowy from an Instagram post right when the design was revealed! I’d always loved timeless A-line skirts with trains, detailing, and eye-catching silhouettes. I knew Louie Flowy was my dress from the moment I saw it and we made an appointment to try on dresses with it as the main attraction. I was so nervous to try it on but it exceeded my every expectation and no dress I tried on afterward could even compare!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

There are too many to choose from! I did first look with both my dad and Nicholas, so those were very special. We also had our dogs, Ruby and Betty, at the wedding with us and they brought so much extra joy and laughter. Our venue is a working farm, and we were even able to pet some of the horses which were wild! Our reception was a blast–we passed around heart-shaped sunglasses and had a disco ball over the dance floor. Then we closed the night with an after-party at a bowling alley! Of course, I bowled in my dress and even scored a couple of strikes.

What were your favorite details?

Obviously, my dress was the star of the show for me, but I am also still obsessed with my hair and makeup, as well as our florals, and neon sign at our sweetheart table. I’m also so happy we were able to have our pups there with us! The disco ball and bowling really added a touch of nostalgia that was so much fun.

What advice would you tell other brides? 

Choose a bridal party who you and your partner can count on for love and support…before, during, and after the wedding! Hiring vendors you trust is also huge, as they can manage so much of the pressure for you. Above all, have fun! Enjoy being engaged, enjoy your planning, and enjoy your big day. The most important part is that you get to marry your best friend and spend the day with the people you love. Take a deep breath and soak in the joy!

Any standout vendors? 

Too many to list!
Our photographer, Sam (@samanthamphoto), is simply the best, most supportive, most talented human on the planet. Working with her is like working with your best friend and we are so thankful for the expertise and sheer joy she brings to every session! We are forever her biggest fans!
Our venue, Valley View Farm (@valleyviewfarmwedding) and their staff, especially our planner Teri, were simply incredible. They made everything run so smoothly and kept us on schedule all day.
Our florist, Jamila from Petal & Wren (@petalandwren), was a pleasure to work with and so patient as our vision evolved throughout our planning process. The floral designs were better than I could have hoped for!
We hired a handler to transport and wrangle our dogs for the day and it was such a good choice. Meg from For the Love of Paws (@fortheloveofpawsss) was an absolute rock star! She kept our spirited Labradors safe and calm the whole day and made sure they got plenty of sniff breaks between practice runs of their ceremony walk. Having them with us was a dream come true and it was made possible by FLP! Meg made everything 100% stress free for us, and more importantly, our dogs.


Louie Flowy


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