Ellie + Rhys

How did you meet?

Rhys and I had grown up together in the same small town, and we had play dates together as children, it wasn’t until I found myself at a job interview at his work place 22 years later that I looked at him, and wondered how I had never looked twice until that day.

When did you know they were the one?

From the start I had always known Rhys was special, it took me a while to break down my walls, but deep down – I always knew I would have married him some day.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

Rhys is the most kind hearted, supportive & sexiest soul I have ever known.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I tried my Dress on at Blue Bell Bridal in Melbourne, I had been to a few other bridal shops & tried on a lot of dresses, and I was starting to feel a little disheartened that I may have to settle for something I didn’t absolutely love because I just couldn’t find “The one”. The moment I put on the Riley dress I knew it was the one, it was classy, elegant & sexy, complimented my body, and I just felt so beautiful & confident in it & it was the most amazing feeling. I remember looking over at my Bestfriend, my Mum & my Nan who all have such different taste, and the look on all 3 of their faces confirmed it for me, I was so happy I had found my dream dress.

Who proposed and how?

Rhys and I went away Glamping for the weekend, we were playing a game of Bocce, I went first & threw the ball (terribly may I add) and as I turned around Rhys was on one knee, our Best friends were there with us, and our song was playing in the background, such a magical day.

What was the best moment for you at the wedding?

The most special moment for us was half way through the night when Rhys and I caught eye contact & walked over to each other, and then took 10 minutes to ourselves, to walk away from the reception, and we sat in awe as we watched all of our guests & looked at the wedding that we had created. It was so nice to see everything we had imagined for our special day come to life.

What surprised you most at or about your wedding?

I have a huge fear of public speaking & being the centre of attention, and I was so nervous about saying my vows in front of 220 guests, however the moment I walked down the isle & saw Rhys, I was so surprised at how calm I instantly felt, and all of my nerves went away from that moment onwards.

What advice would you tell other brides?

Grab your Husband at some point within the night, and take 10 minutes to yourselves to sit & watch your wedding & your guests, soak up every minute because it will truly be the most magical day of your life.

What was the one thing you did differently for your wedding?

I chose to do my first dance with my Dad instead of Rhys. Dad was the first man I ever loved, and he means the world to Rhys and I, so we decided to surprise him with the first dance.




MWL Design:

Riley Luxe


Seppelt Winery, Great Western. Rhys and I had always pictured our day to be a big, laid back party. We had big bell tents, our favourite food trucks – Boss Burger, Paella & Wood Fire Pizza, Life size lawn games, our dance floor under the stars with fairy lights, and cushions & rugs on the grass. We had 220 guests & it was a day filled with all of our most favourite people, lots of smiles, laughter and happy tears. Rhys and I had never felt so happy, humbled and grateful with the amount of love and support that circulated throughout our whole day.


Sarah Katie Make up & Hair Artistry


Our beautiful family friend Katrina Pianta did our Flowers, so special & sentimental to us


Olive & Ivy


Duffs Jewellers & Tiffany & Co






All my Wednesday’s

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Blue Bell Bridal, Melbourne