Cristiana + Jonathan

How did you meet?

We met on a dating app (which is cliche for the City of London)! He messaged me “Hi, how are you? Would you like to grab a drink?” and I quite liked that – no small talk haha. I said yes and gave him my number, and he messaged me that he had booked this place for the following Saturday, which conveniently was a 5 minute walk from his flat…

When did you know they were the one? 

I knew it from the first date, and I remember stressing with my best friend (Laura) a few days before about what I am going to wear on our first date (it was very unlikely for me to get so excited for a first date). When I came back from my date I told Laura that he is most probably the one. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, so did he, as he asked me to be his girlfriend on our second date.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

He has the wittiest sense of humour and is simultaneously the most confident and humble man I’ve ever met. He is emotionally very healthy and as a result he has been my rock, my biggest supporter and created the most healthy, supportive, peaceful and kind relationship one could possibly aspire to be in. He really is my happy place.

Who proposed and how? 

Jonathan proposed – he had planned it for about 6 months, bought the diamond (consulted my family, his family and my best friend Laura) designed the ring, and proposed to me in an intimate way on 7 March 2022 at the One & Only in Mauritius. He ordered breakfast in the room on our first morning there, which was set up for us on the balcony by the ocean, ordered a bottle of champagne, and in that intimate perfect setting he sat me down, kneeled and said that I am his best friend and he is very proud to be with me. I still cry remembering it.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

Visiting the MWL boutique in London was my second wedding dress appointment ever. I was there to try Harry and Archie as I always thought I’d wear a plain, white fitted dress, though I had seen Darcy on instagram and was fascinated by the fabric (though thought it was probably not for me). I tried Harry and Archie first and I loved them, but when I put Darcy on, I just knew it was the one. You just know! I think is the most perfect dress: very romantic, yet very sexy and flattering. It’s like a fairy tale. I have received so many compliments about the dress and the fabric on the day and after, I lost count!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

During the ceremony, when Jonathan was putting the wedding band on my finger and I realised that it was all happening, that I am going to spend the rest of my life with Jonathan and that all our family and closest friends were there for us (you could hear some sobbing in the background!). In that moment I just felt so deeply grateful and happy. Thereafter, after having the most perfect day (it was a day wedding), in the evening my bridesmaids came upstairs to get their belongings accompanied by their boyfriends and Jonathan’s brother, and what was meant to be a 5 minute grab your things and go, became a 3 hour soiree in the living room of the suite, drinking champagne, laughing and talking about the day. It was perfect!

What advice would you tell other brides?

When planning your wedding, just do whatever you want and stop thinking about what your family, friends or other people expect or want. You will not please everyone whatever you do, and your wedding should represent you and your husband. On the day, just let go of everything and enjoy – if the flowers are not up to scratch or your candles are missing, no one will notice. The day goes way too quick and you will regret spending even a second worrying about things that don’t matter!

Any standout vendors?

Claridge’s Hotel (I don’t have words to describe how incredible they have been) – Ella Kilkelly our planner
Amarante Events (flowers)
Our amazing photographer Adam




Adam Wilson (@adamlloydwilson)


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