Chloe + Finlay

How did you meet?

Finlay and I met in 2015 whilst we were both on working holiday visas in New Zealand. I’m English and my husband’s Scottish and we both happened to be based in Auckland at the same time. As luck would have it, I got offered a job at the same bar where Finlay was already working but it wasn’t until some weeks after our first shift together, and whilst at a friend’s house party over Easter bank holiday weekend, that we got together. Things between us blossomed instantly from there and we haven’t been apart for longer than a few weeks ever since!

When did you know they were the one?

From the moment that we first started dating, I immediately felt so happy and like I’d found my person. With Finlay, I felt like I could truly be myself from the get-go! The moment that I realised that he was the one was probably when he told me that he was planning to return home to Scotland a few months after we got together. At this point, I realised I couldn’t stay on in New Zealand by myself as what we had was so special and unlike anything I’d experienced before. I was only a few months into my working holiday visa when I booked my flight back to the UK so we could be together. A decision my family definitely questioned at the time, but over eight years later it’s clear I was right to trust my gut!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

His thoughtfulness, his quick wit which never fails to make me laugh and lightens up any bad day, and his ambition. Oh, and his culinary talents of course – never before has a man ever cooked me such incredible food day after day!

Who proposed and how? 

Finlay proposed in February 2022, a few days before my 28th birthday. We used to live in a Scottish coastal town called Dundee and we’d spent endless hours wandering around these beautiful rock gardens just a few streets from the first home we bought together. They quickly became one of our favourite spots and we used to love watching the gardens change from season to season.

After initially struggling to get me out of the house because of the intense winds that day, Finlay got down on one knee and popped the question in the heart of the rock gardens! To top it off, he’d also planned a whole day’s worth of surprises for us to celebrate my birthday and our engagement, which included an overnight stay at a luxury countryside hotel that I’d always wanted to go to. Definitely, a birthday weekend to remember and one that I think will be hard to top!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

Before I even got engaged, I’d stumbled across MWL on Instagram and I remember being immediately drawn to Louie Flowy. Fast forward to when I got engaged and I couldn’t wait to get booked in for an appointment at MWL’s London store.

I only went to two bridal stores, and MWL was my first ever bridal appointment. Louie Flowy was the final dress I tried on at MWL and I just knew from the minute I put her on that she was “the dress”. I loved the A-line skirt, the 3D lace, the stunning layers of fabric (each different from the rest), how flattering the fit was and that it had pockets (revolutionary!). One of my bridesmaids was with me and she would never normally cry in these situations, but the minute that I came out of the changing room she burst into tears. That was the moment I thought “it will be impossible to find a dress I love more than this”.

What was the best moment for you at your wedding?

The whole day was magical from start to finish so it’s hard to pin point just one favourite moment! Having our closest friends and family all gathered together in the one place was definitely a top highlight. Walking down the aisle at the Church and seeing Finlay there waiting for me with the biggest smile is also something that will be in my memory forever. In Scotland, it’s a tradition for “Loch Lomond” by Runrig to be played as the final song of the night and typically the bride and groom get lifted onto the shoulders of their guests and everyone gets together for one final, lively dance! It’s always an epic way to finish any Scottish wedding but I definitely wasn’t prepared for how emotional I’d feel – definitely another favourite moment from our day!

What advice would you tell other brides?

Remember that there will inevitably be some hiccups along the way and this is totally normal. No wedding is ever stress-free and you’re certainly not alone! Control the controllables and learn to let the little things go. I spent far too much time and energy worrying about small details when in reality on the day these issues were the furthest thing from my mind.

Also, hire a videographer if your budget allows. It’s the best decision we made as it means we can relive our day over and over for years to come! It’s also a great way to recall moments you may have forgotten about, or not even noticed


Louie Flowy


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