Carly + Graham

How did you meet?

My husband Graham and I met in Dallas, Texas through mutual friends almost four years ago. We met drunkenly at a bar and it was instant.

When did you know they were the one?

Graham came over to my studio apartment to cook dinner one evening, probably about a month into dating. He was standing in my tiny kitchen by the stove over some pasta… He had a dish towel over his shoulder… For some reason the way he looked in that moment I just knew he was my forever.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

His sense of humor is unparalleled. We can laugh together and be complete weirdos together and it’s just the best. His kind heart for children, animals, family and friends just makes me love him more. He loves me for exactly who I am and that is such an amazing feeling!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I fell in love with my dress at A & Be Bridal in Dallas. I had been to two previous bridal shops and tried on about 20 dresses at that point, and just wasn’t finding anything that made me feel how I thought I was supposed to feel. My bridal consultant urged me to try Harper, even though I was pretty adamant that I wanted something boho and flowy for my Tulum destination wedding — NOT form-fitted! Reluctantly I tried the Harper style on — I was immediately blown away by how amazing my body looked! I never knew I could look as beautiful as I felt. I was so surprised that I went with a style that was so much more modern/sleek than I thought, but it ended up being absolutely perfect and truly meant for me!

Who proposed and how?

Graham proposed in Levanto, Italy September 2018. We were vacationing there with his family. He had planned to do it while hiking through Cinque Terre, but he was so nervous that he had to get it over with so he proposed right when we arrived in Levanto in our hotel room. It was so spontaneous and heartfelt, and with just the two of us there it was really special and I was SO beyond surprised. Fun tidbit: a few months after we got engaged we adopted a dog and of course named him Levanto – we call him Levy for short.

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We honeymooned on the beautiful Isla Holbox — northwest of Cancun on a beautiful biological reserve. It was private, unrefined, authentic Mexico. The perfect combination of adventure and relaxation!




MWL Design:



Mahayana Tulum Beach Homes


Mon Amour Flower Design


Various stores and designers including: Nine Lives Bazaar, Free People, Asos, Lulus


Engagement Ring: Custom made from Ft. Thomas Jewelers (the groom’s hometown), Wedding Bands: Kasia Jewelry, Earrings: We Dream in Colour


Suit Supply


Lauren Nicole Photography

Your MWL stockist:

A&Be Bridal Dallas