Brooke + Michael

How did you meet?

We met on a small and remote island in the Torres Strait called Thursday Island. Michael was living on Thursday Island and I was living on an even more remote island called Masig Island. We had both relocated to the Torres Strait to work as teachers. I was flown into Thursday Island for a conference for beginning teachers in the Torres Strait. Michael was the first person that I saw when I walked into the school library. I remember being instantly interested and thought he was very handsome! I built up the confidence to say hello to him at lunchtime and by the end of the 3-day conference I returned back to Masig and left him my number. That was just the beginning of our adventure!

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner? 

My partner just the most incredible person it is so difficult to choose only 3! So I will do my best…
1. His kindness- he is just the most kind and caring person and will always put the needs of others before his own.
2. His patience – he specialises in working with students with disabilities so he has the most gentle, patient and understanding heart you will come across
3. His silliness- he doesn’t take himself too seriously and allows people to see the ‘real’ him. He loves to let his silly side out and just have fun with life!

Who proposed and how? 

Michael proposed to me roughly two years before we got married and almost exactly 2 years after we met! On Thursday Island there is a beautiful and historic spot called ‘Green Hill’. It is a lovely his positioned on the island with full 360 degree views. We went up the hill to have a picnic and watch the sunset. He said he wanted to show me a little track her had heard of that took us down to a little secret look out. After making him take some photos of me with the view I turned around to see him down on one knee with a ring in his hand!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why? 

I went to the Made With Love Boutique in the Gold Coast. That is where I fell in love with my dress Elsie!! I originally thought that Remi was going to be my dress. I had fallen in love with it online and it shared the name with my one of my best friends and bridesmaids who was also called Remy! I thought it was going to be the one for sure. Even though I absolutely adored that dress my fried Remy suggested I try on Elsie and oh my goodness, we all fell in love! I just adored the lace! The floral details in the lace reminded me of the flowers on the island where Michael and I met. The fit and the details were just gorgeous, and the detachable bows just added the extra wow!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

Oh my goodness the whole day was just pure perfection!!! I don’t know if I could pick a particular moment. Every part of the day from waking up and getting ready with my bridesmaids to leaving the reception and walking back to our accommodation with my shoes in my hand after dancing the night away, it was just the best day of my life!

What were your favourite details?


Any standout vedours?

Oh so many!
The Novotel staff at Twin Waters in the Sunshine Coast
Our makeup artist Hannah Mills
Our photographer Mallory Sparkes and Izzie from the Beloved Co.
Our Celebrant Bill Scurry
Our bouquets from Maple Flowers Decor
Our hair by my sister/maid of honour Hair by Shailee

What advice would you tell other brides? 

To take in every single moment! Don’t wish any of it away and enjoy the whole build up. From the moment y0u wake up to the moment you go to bed make the most of it! Remember the day is all about you and your husband, so do whatever makes you both happy! If that means being on the dance floor all night long and making everyone copy you in an impromptu flashmob to Dancing Queen… then do it!




Mallory Sparkles


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