Ally + Tom

How did you meet?

I met Tom while working at a pharmacy in Dee Why, Northern Beaches. He was working as an intern pharmacist and I had just moved to Sydney and was working for an architecture firm as well as doing retail work on the weekends. We were friends for a while first which was a nice way to begin our relationship. I remember seeing the care and patience that Tom showed our customers and I thought to myself “that guy is pretty great” – of course I didn’t know at that stage how important Tom would be to me but his kind nature and warmth towards everyone he met made a real impression on me. Many an afternoon at Collaroy beach led to us spending more and more time together and as they say, they rest is history!

When did you know they were the one?

I knew fairly early on once we had got together. Toms presence made me feel totally at ease and he always made me feel loved and safe. Our relationship was just simple and easy and so enjoyable from the very beginning. I tend to worry about things sometimes and Tom was really the calm to my storm, he teaches me every day not to worry so much about the small things and to be more present in my life. 

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner

Tom is so unbelievably kind and generous, he is so warm to be around and gives everyone the time of day no matter what is going on. He also gets along with everyone, he is comfortable in any situation and just makes friends everywhere he goes. The thing I love most about Tom is that being with him is like walking into a house and knowing that you are home, his presence just exudes happiness and warmth and I love being in his company always.

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I actually went to the first appointment with my sister Lucy and had a list of 5 other dresses I wanted to try. After I tried on those 5 dresses, Bec suggested Riley which was honestly something I probably wouldn’t have picked for myself to wear. I tried it on and I have to say it was pretty soon after that I realised that was the one. The lace suited perfectly the boho style I was looking for and the cut was so beautiful and feminine. I went home and I couldn’t get it out of my head! 

Who proposed and how?

Tom proposed but it didn’t quite go as he had planned! We had gone out for lunch to one of our favourite restaurants in Mudgee and it started pouring rain, we finished our lunch and the rain still hadn’t stopped so we headed home (Tom was hoping it might clear by the time we got back, but the weather just wasn’t on our side that day). I was a little annoyed because he started making a detour and I just wanted to cosy up inside for the afternoon and I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t just making his way directly back (I’m the impatient one in this relationship haha). He pulled over at the river near our house (it’s one of our favourite spots to go) and he explained to me that although the weather hadn’t been perfect, he thought we were perfect together and then he asked me to marry him ♥️

Where did you go to Honeymoon?

We took 6 weeks off to visit Greece, Italy, France and London. We are currently half way through our trip and are writing to you from Nice!



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