Allie + Alec

How did you meet?

We met when we were 14 and 16, and have been together ever since for the last 14 years! We met through a friend I went to camp with who rode the same bus as my husband and his brother. We didn’t go to the same school or grow up in the same neighborhood, but we always found a way to spend time together!

When did you know they were the one?

We’ve been through so much together in the last 14 years—high school, university, getting our first jobs and first apartments, and getting a pet together. Not without its trials and tribulations, but along the way we got to know each other better and better throughout the years. By the time we were in our early 20s and had gone through the biggest hurdles growing up together, we knew this would be forever. It’s so special to grow your lives around each other. We’ve had the same values as we got older that have always kept us tethered.

What are your three favourite attributes of your partner?

His unshakable sense of calm—I am a much more anxious person but he is always calm and rational in the face of any stressful situation:
His humility & down to earth nature. He’s so easy going and goes into any situation or meeting any new person with an open mind and assuming positive intent.
His kind and caring nature towards people and animals.

Who proposed and how?

He proposed on the rooftop of a restaurant in Boston, where we live. We then went out for an amazing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants! It was on my birthday in the dead of winter in January so we were in a glass enclosed corner room overlooking the city. He got down on one knee just the 2 of us in this amazing space, and then we had champagne brought to us and his brother and his girlfriend came for drinks to celebrate!

Where did you fall in love with your dress and why?

I went to Lovely Bride with my MOH & MIL to try on dresses in NYC. We went to a few shops, but Lovely Bride was my favorite! I loved the style of their dresses, and had known MWL was the brand I wanted to try. My wedding was outdoors in Lake Muskoka in Ontario which is a very woodsy area, and I knew I wanted a dress that would pop and share the ethereal and boho, whimsical vibe of this location. I also wanted to ensure it would look amazing up close, AND from a distance. The Elsie dress was a no brained for me. I loved the fitted cut, and the iridescent shimmer of the floral patterns that so matched the woodsy background of our wedding and would shimmer and shine from a distance in our pictures on the lake. The bows added such a beautiful ethereal feel to the dress—I got so many compliments from friends, family, and the venue staff for one of the most unique and beautiful dresses!! I also loved the way MWL styled the Elsie, so I had to buy the same Christie Nicolaides earrings to match the model!

What was the best moment for you at your wedding? 

My favorite moment was our dinner at the reception at the head table with our entire wedding party and their dates. Listening to the speeches of all our loved ones, laughing at the table with friends, and eating amazing food. And then walking around after dinner greeting our guests and taking pictures in front of our photobooth and getting to drink our custom cocktails we designed!

What were your favourite details? 

We designed 3 custom cocktails, one dedicated to our pet cat. We also had an ice luge with our names engraved that was used for our martini bar! Not only was it an incredible decorative centerpiece, but it was such a conversation starter! We also had a photobooth with a backdrop where we put our customized neon sign with our last name!

What advice would you tell other brides?

If you have a defined vision for certain things you know you want, go for it and limit the amount of opinions you solicit! Ask for opinions where you want them, because there are plenty of family, friends, and articles you can read online that will all give you solicited or unsolicited opinions or information. Stay true to what you and your partner want and add as many personal touches as you can and you will have so much more fun and love the result!

Any standout vendors?

My photographer and florist were our 1st choices, and we also loved our DJ. We had a long engagement which allowed us to pick our favorite vendors. I also can’t say enough good things about our venue the Windermere House. An incredibly friendly and helpful staff!




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